There is no end to the misery Sterling has caused

Yet another email from cheated & hurt people that have had the misfortune to trust Sterling and then realize they were in a trap.

We are a couple from Denmark who Jack has been cheated big..

I´ts a long story whos been going on over 6 months now, with lies and a lot more but to make the story short we only want to say that we agree with the 4 on this site.. I´dont no the facts in the discussion about the female but we know the facts of our own experience. Jack told himselve that the female was sick so Jeanette, why defend it. No female with puppys should look like that, no matter what, and defnetly not because of welping, the issue is that she is sick as Jack said, every dog can get sick off course, but Jacks Crime is a money issue about not doing anything about it for to long a time. Thats terrible to treat any living animal like that and more terruible to defend it..

Our experience with Jack for the last 6 monts, only made us beleave what we hear for sure. Through conections we will do what ever it takes to shut him down for good, as we did with another kennel for the same reason. We are tired of the puppymills who ruins it for everyone else. Jack cheated us for 4.500 euro and we got NOTHING for the money, except for 6 months off lies. If a person defend some one like Jack it tells me more of that person than anything else could do.. Jack told me he whas moving because the neighbour where throwing rocks through his windows and i truly felt sory for him but i think by putting 2 and 2 together know, we can guess what has made the neigbours act like that, if it actually ever happened.We also know why he had to moved .. So dont come here and get so mighty clever.. This is about respect for animal and people and Jack got none of the above...

2 very sad cheated people