Thai folks view of Sterling

Been round a few local shopkeepers and chatted with various Thai frieds & family and they all seemed to say the same things about Sterling.

From the newspaper story which then made national television, Thai people do not like him at all.

Below are some quotes shown in karaoke, Thai and also the English translation.The Karaoke is used in case readers would like to practice their Thai.

"Khon Bhaa, he not nice man !"
"คนบ้า ไม่ใช่คนดี"
Mad man

"Khon jai hoardrai le talun"
He is cruel & brutal

"Ben khon jit jai dam muan sat pbaa"
His heart is like a jungle animal

"Hai dam ruat jap ock nok prated Thai"
Tell Police to take him out from Thailand

This blog is not a personal crusade, venting personal feelings about Sterling. To the contrary, this blog is for people around the world to make their views known without fear of reprisal from Sterling.

For the people of Thailand, it is their hope that Sterling is removed as they despise him so much. They feel he is abusing their country, their culture and the people.