Another email into this blog - Bad experiences

Content taken from another email to this blog. - Got loads more like this!

Sterling also likes to make alias names and emails.He will contact you, posing as someone else, and ask you who should you buy a TRD from, ask you what you think of Jack Sterling etc. and try to get you to say something incriminating or against him.

He did this to me, and when he didn't like the response I gave, he turned on me.I told him I only spoke the truth and said nothing wrong. At this time, he was at war with Jim Albright( now deceased as I have heard).
Jim was brokering dogs form Thailand as well, but honestly, doing it much better. he tried always to find the best and healthy pups for people. Jack couldn't stand him as he was competition now. He had it out for Jim.

So when he posed as a TRD fancier, he asked me, whom should I buy a dog form Jim or Jack, and i tld him, if you want a strati deal, then I would buy a dog form Jim.This sent him over the edge. He contacted me as himself about 10 minutes later and told me that this customer just called him and told him what I said. At this point,I knew it was him.. He has many alias names and email accounts.
Only someone who is completely insecure would do something like this.
As a breeder, seller or business person, how many email and alias names do you have? Are you that paranoid that you need to pretend to be someone and contact people as a spy? No? Me neither...
When he was in NJ, he paired up with a guy named Mick Lattimer. This was in 95. This relationship ended quickly too, and resulted with Mick going on a mission to take him down and have an internet battle with him. I have met Mick and have spoke with a couple people who were old friends of his.

I was told by one individual, that Him and Jack were going to be partners and be the sole importers and breeders in the US.they had big plans together.

Well, in one of their dealings, they were to import 2 pups for Mick, and Mick was to receive them at Newark Airport.
When Mick had went to pick up the pups form the airport, he was told they were already checked out by him... By him??? how can that be..

He later found out jack had went and "stole" them.Mick went to where Jack was staying to claim his dogs. In this short time, Jack manged to get one of the pups disfigured by an adult of his. When Mick demanded the healthy pup, Jack refused him and gave him the dog with its face mauled.
I was also contacted by people here in NJ who told me Jack had sold them 2 older pups/young adults. a male and female. He convinced them to buy them as a pair and told them they needed each other. The dogs ended up being a world of trouble, were very skittish and had fear and dog aggression issues. They called Jack for help and finally to take the dogs back.. This was within a couple weeks time frame and he refused to take the dogs back. He finally took them back but would not issue any refund of money.
When you give jack money, thats it, the deal is final,, it could be the very next day, and he will have a story on how it is spent already, or he bought a dog with it.
His line is" you payed for a dog, you get a dog"
So basically, if you decided you wanted to buy a dog, then for some unknown reason, you realize you don't want it, it don't matter. No money back! period. even if you didn't get the dog yet,no refunds.
How do I know? easy, he did this to a couple from Pennsylvania. They went through a divorce and decided they could not their puppy. This was after paying him a sum of almost $4,300 He kept requesting more money form them for shipping, telling them rates are raised, there were troubles, and he needed more to sort it out. I was told by the dogs owner, word for word" How long have you been dealing with jack? be careful, he is very difficult" Jacks way of helping them, was by having me purchase the dog for $2000, so their loss was only about $2300.

There's a pattern forming here.