Monthly Review - Team Meeting

Today at our team meeting, we thought that a summary of the month should be posted on the blog. And I must say we had a jolly good discussion with coffee & cake too.

It was the general consensus that communications with local villagers, shopkeepers in Chiang Mai and surveillance operations were going well. A couple of the team were slightly worried that the blog was not reflecting the numbers of people actually behind the activity but it was agreed that our anonymity should remain for safety of all concerned, especially in the light of recent threats having been made to some people in & around Chiang Mai by Sterling.

The team discussed the statistics of the blog circulation and it was encouraging to hear that in just 4 weeks the number of blog hits had exceeded 1,500, with views from over 134 cities. Although this activity was seen by some readers as slanderous and open to criticism, the value of exposure was seen as an essential asset.

Some readers had also reported that the style of the blog caused for confusion, as many of the posts were quite detailed and detracted from the salient points that other posts made. It was agreed that this would be dealt with shortly, by a redesign of the blog layout.

One of the team reported that airport officials in Chiang Mai were looking out for puppy shipments and another report from a cleaner at Hang Dong Police Station revealed some disturbing news that the team will be pursuing further before reporting to the blog.