Jack Sterling House of Sakorn - Your out there Jack

Great to see the hits to this site just ticking along.

Even though we haven't been blogging since August, there are still over 60 hits a day in the last month and with the world now waking up to puppy miller operations and their horrible cruelty to the adults and pups, the hits to this site will only increase.

Take a look at the map of hits below.

Happy Christmas Jack! - From all those poor dogs you have made suffer, hope the next year brings you even less customers

And for those reading this post and would like more truth about Jack Sterling, you are welcome to visit (with caution) the MSN Thai Ridgeback forum

If you are new to reading about Sterling, you will need to view the rantings of a man suffering mental instability. Some of the indications of this are the size of his font, and the language he uses. The former is not because he lost his glasses in a fight in a bar (when a short Thai guy knocked him down with one punch... I could go on) but because he is SHOUTING!

The language he uses is derived from a deep disrespect he has for women.

ps - Jack - The numbers of hits you have on your silly one man atra site are from people referred on by the blog. It really is doing it's job, telling the world what a real menace to society you really are.

Oprah tells the world all about Jack Sterling

It seems that Jack Sterling has caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey and the disgusting methods that puppy millers use, was highlighted to the world by her excellent program.

Jack Sterling sadly is still alive. Even more sadly many of the puppies he has forced into this world are no longer with us.

It is a fact, the miller breeds too many, cannot afford to keep them and then kills or dumps them like garbage.

Jack Sterling, you have not changed your ways in the year this blog has been reporting your shoddy operation. You are still churning out excessive amounts of pups and there are already too many dogs at your farm that should be released from their imprisonment and you should retire while you still can.

You never know who you upset by constantly bad mouthing Thai people and then showing your true 2 faced evil personality by smooth talking about how wonderful you think Thai people are in the next breath. Breath... you might not have too much of that for much longer.