Jack says he is back... So are we!

The sadness continues at House of Sakorn for the poor little puppies being churned out by the puppy miller.

Not only is sterling fatter on the wealth of blinded buyers of his abused, poor quality dogs, shipped with illegal papers through intimidated Thai Cargo channels, he is arrogant enough to think he can just carry on with his evil ways just down the road in his next makeshift place.

Makeshift ? Yep, he hasn't been there 2 minutes & he is on the move again.

News from the analystics report shows plenty of readers across the world, interested in Thai Ridgeback Dogs, TRD's, Jack Sterling, House of Sakorn, Thaidog.com, or the whereabouts of the evil fat bastard.

If anyone has any thing they wish to get off their chest, want to air their point of view you can either contact us here savedogs100@yahoo.com or our friends over at http://trdtruthtwo.blogspot.com/ or

I am sure between us we can put sterling out of business, get immigration to know all about his inability to honour his retirement visa status (more about that next time) and allow people who want to obtain a Thai Ridgeback dog to know where not to get one from.

For the dogs !!


Jack Sterling Thai Ridgeback Breeder - Puppy Miller

More fan mail for Jack Sterling

Reading Sterlings site has made me wonder why he has no old dogs.

We have 5 dogs and 2 are teenagers, now 13 and nearly 15, we bought with us from Canada just over a year ago. The other 2 are rescues and seem to be about 6 or 7 and the last is just a few months old.

I am no expert but as he has so many dogs and is always trying to get people to rescue his left over part litters, I wonder where the old ones went to?

Perhaps Sterling is the only one who can answer that. I don't suppose he will and perhaps the truth would not be what we hear from him anyway. We can only guess where they are and what has become of them but it probably would not make good bedtime reading.

He likes to believe he is the worlds most famous breeder of Thai Ridgeback dogs but there is a world of difference between fame and infamy.