Jack Sterling , Chiang Mai - Tales from the Puppy Mill

Everyone a gem!

Here is another wonderful quote ripped from the one man soap box that Jack Sterling likes to call a forum.

    Can anyone tell me what the shipping is the the U.S. I spoke with Jack and he is a wonderful person to talk too. We will be doing that again soon lol. I havent decided on male or female and not sure what color I am going to get. I think they are truly amazing dogs and cant wait until the time comes for me to own one.

    Fort Worth TX

Read more about Jack Sterlings Puppy Mill here.

And there is Mary trying to help him up

Despite taking dogs from Jack before and of course answering the intense questionnaire that Jack will repeatedly press on previous occasions, Mary is helping the wizzo out of the mess he is in by answering yet more questions.

Take a look at this wonderful testimonial on his ATRA fourm. You can almost believe it was made without any pressure.

"Thanks again for STERLING's MAI NIKITA and we look forward to receiving my newest STERLING TRD a FAWN male we will call "SAMSON" despite the silly claims that "Jack Sterling is a Puppy Mill Breeder" that are posted by jealous people on some silly discussion boards."

We all wait with baited breath for Mary to receive her delivery of SAMSON from Jack. No doubt we will endure the Q&A session with even more panto.

Maybe by then the wizzo will have grown his hair & his strength returned?

But then you read on through the invaluable source of entertainment at ATRA & realise that Jack is regurgitating old posts and republishing them.

Jack Sterling - Does NOT rescue dogs

Amazing how some folks can focus on the words they want to see.

Just like this individual (if 'Kurtis' really exists outside of Jack's imagination, in the form of the one man one voice ATRA forum) he intimates what wonderful work Sterling is doing to save the breed.

WAKE UP! Jack is in fact destroying the breed.

A puppy mill process is not just cruel to the 90+ (his words) residents at the farm right now as they all need attention, food, socialising, exercise, hygienic surroundings etc but it is cruel to the breed as a whole because the inbreeding that is going on at the mill degenerates the gene pool and degrades the qualities of the bred puppies.

Jack Sterling does not roam the streets of Chiang Mai looking for dumped Thai Ridgebacks to rescue & save. Neither does he take back into his farm any dogs that have previously come from there. He has too many already to feed and the last thing he wants is more unsaleable dogs, dwindling the already low supply of food.

How on earth does anyone outside of Jack's tiny mind think that he saves dogs?

Jack Sterling - Chiang Mai Puppy Mill

Jack Sterling is still trying to sell Thai Ridgeback puppies in Chiang Mai. They are bred from tired stock with the result that many of his puppies are falling below the internationally recognised standard for the breed.

The majority of the puppies born at the puppy mill since December 2007 have failed to show the distinctive ridge, despite his claims to the contrary and he is being forced to sell or even give these poor quality specimens as pets.

The reality is that he has been generating masses of puppies previously for circulation into the market place for breeding and showing. He literally flooded the market.

He is now voicing that he cannot sell his show quality puppies as this blog has ruined his reputation. He fails to recognise he has been his worst enemy by showing his operation to be the shady puppy mill that it really is, by attempting to cover up the truth.

Erecting high internal fences, repainting his old cages, dumping dogs that waste his resources at local shelters or even killing them to reduce their numbers and burden on his dwindling finances. He was even prosecuted by Thai Police for abusing a puppy which led to it dying. Hanging others from a balcony to die, putting them in the freezer, let alone starving them to death and exposing them to illness due to poor standards of hygiene.

Here is a man (he would say) who cares for the breed and for the dogs.

With some simple statements like these, plainly presented for all to read, the obvious is apparent.

Jack Sterlings' Thai Ridgeback dogs are poor quality, he does not show that he looks after dogs let alone the breed that he is so loud and vociferous about. He has just been on the crest of a wave trying to make a fast buck!

As a "father-like figure" he speaks so friendly & kind NOT! Why does Jack even have access to the MSN Forum if he is such a bad mouthed poster?

Jack speaks about killing dogs

Jack Sterling of Chiang Mai House of Sakorn TRD, AKA convicted puppy abuser, is preaching to readers of Dogster at this link.

Please tell anyone who reads his words that there is another side to this monster and if they wish to enter into a discussion with him, they should be very aware of some of his methods.

Jack Sterling speaks with some authority & conviction on this matter. He hangs dogs from his balcony and waits for them to die a slow and agonizing death, for all the villagers around his home to see and hear. FACT!

Missed you Jack!

So sorry but some folks just have to take a holiday now and then.

I must say I really enjoyed myself, relaxing under palms, watching coral seas gentle ebb & flow under a pure blue sky. The night's weren't that bad either, it's amazing how many stars you see when eating fresh seafood and sipping on iced water under the beautiful moonlit cloak of night nearer the equator.

Anyway, back to the present and poor old Jack is still in struggle mode, trying to convince the world he is squeaky clean and all his history is a pack of lies thrown together by a bunch of dumb wits that have never really met him or talked with him.

How sad you must be feeling Jack, under the smog of hot, hot, hot Chiang Mai, realising that your past cannot just be wiped away and it's here to haunt you for life.

Didn't receive the invite to the wedding party Jack, when is the big day? Sure as heck that woman will set you straight. Best thing you will ever do, marrying a Thai woman and her family, along with all the cultural activity that you will be so pleased to follow and enjoy.

You will of course embrace her whole family won't you Jack? Oh, and what about the silly stuff like who has rights to what and what should happen if you just 'pop off'?

Anyway Jack, Sawasdee Pii Mai and lets hope you enjoy your last days in Chiang Mai.