Jack Sterling - Does NOT rescue dogs

Amazing how some folks can focus on the words they want to see.

Just like this individual (if 'Kurtis' really exists outside of Jack's imagination, in the form of the one man one voice ATRA forum) he intimates what wonderful work Sterling is doing to save the breed.

WAKE UP! Jack is in fact destroying the breed.

A puppy mill process is not just cruel to the 90+ (his words) residents at the farm right now as they all need attention, food, socialising, exercise, hygienic surroundings etc but it is cruel to the breed as a whole because the inbreeding that is going on at the mill degenerates the gene pool and degrades the qualities of the bred puppies.

Jack Sterling does not roam the streets of Chiang Mai looking for dumped Thai Ridgebacks to rescue & save. Neither does he take back into his farm any dogs that have previously come from there. He has too many already to feed and the last thing he wants is more unsaleable dogs, dwindling the already low supply of food.

How on earth does anyone outside of Jack's tiny mind think that he saves dogs?