Jack Sterling - Chiang Mai Puppy Mill

Jack Sterling is still trying to sell Thai Ridgeback puppies in Chiang Mai. They are bred from tired stock with the result that many of his puppies are falling below the internationally recognised standard for the breed.

The majority of the puppies born at the puppy mill since December 2007 have failed to show the distinctive ridge, despite his claims to the contrary and he is being forced to sell or even give these poor quality specimens as pets.

The reality is that he has been generating masses of puppies previously for circulation into the market place for breeding and showing. He literally flooded the market.

He is now voicing that he cannot sell his show quality puppies as this blog has ruined his reputation. He fails to recognise he has been his worst enemy by showing his operation to be the shady puppy mill that it really is, by attempting to cover up the truth.

Erecting high internal fences, repainting his old cages, dumping dogs that waste his resources at local shelters or even killing them to reduce their numbers and burden on his dwindling finances. He was even prosecuted by Thai Police for abusing a puppy which led to it dying. Hanging others from a balcony to die, putting them in the freezer, let alone starving them to death and exposing them to illness due to poor standards of hygiene.

Here is a man (he would say) who cares for the breed and for the dogs.

With some simple statements like these, plainly presented for all to read, the obvious is apparent.

Jack Sterlings' Thai Ridgeback dogs are poor quality, he does not show that he looks after dogs let alone the breed that he is so loud and vociferous about. He has just been on the crest of a wave trying to make a fast buck!

As a "father-like figure" he speaks so friendly & kind NOT! Why does Jack even have access to the MSN Forum if he is such a bad mouthed poster?