Another claim to fame - Jack Sterling Chiang Mai

Here he goes again. A well-known person that Jack happened to have been near to twice in his life dies. Suddenly, he was a close friend of Jacks ! What do I mean? Look at ATRA site's latest claim to fame.

Any chance meeting, even though it was in a crowd or a case of being in the same building at the same time, makes a famous person 'Jacks friend'.

How sad is this? A lonely old man nearing the end of his worthless, non-productive life trying to get respect and attention wherever he can.

The one thing he nearly got right was getting the Thai Ridgeback breed known overseas. Jack writes the story like the Thai people had not done anything about breeding and seem really not to have noticed them ! Laziness, arrogance, greed, ignorance and no knowledge of dog behavior is why he never really made it. These days he can't even give them away.If he did he would just increase his production line and be in the same state again in a year or so.

Any half-descend breeder goes to shows, interacts with other breeders in the area and learns from the experience. No photos to show of anything like that from Sterling. Not good ol' Papa Jack, he's been out of the ring so long he's not 'Yesterday's man' he's 'FORGOTTEN MAN'.In Jack's case they ban him from sites and membership of breed clubs. His loud and slandering responses to anyone who disagrees with him are more than decent people will stand. Result, he's all alone.

Sadly, another thing that this latest nonsense draws attention to is the recent postings on his ATRA site. So many people are described as 'my friend' or' My Thai friends'. He has repeated his usual trick of calling people who he has just met ' my friend'. He's so quick with the camera. That's not how it works Jack. Just because they speak and smile it does not make them your friend. Frankly, you disgust most people, especially Thai's.

The Animal Welfare photos are quite convincing at face value. Anyone living in Thailand knows how low standards of puppy mills are. Jack shows some smiling Thai officers but Thais are known world wide for their constant smiles. True the men went to Jack's but there is only his word about why they went and what they found. A small amount of money will produce a very favorable reaction over here. Say no more...Let's see a report in Thai, Jack.

Another thing is he has no website to speak of. He posts silly jokes on ATRA because he has no interaction with the dog world. We don't care about who cuts your grass. Don't good breeders have a pedigree line after so many years in their breed? Millers don't...their dogs are just commodities.

Don't insult us by writing your rubbish about how great you are. You live a shocking life. No wonder you are all alone.


Chiang Mai

Jack Sterling Pleads Guilty to Cruelty Charge

The picture below is a typed up report from the original hand written report (which I have a copy of but makes terrible reading) made at Hang Dong Police Station, Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Edit- The 'typed up' version is from the Police, as their hand written report sheet, note book style, is hard for even Thai readers to read - similar to doctors handwriting. Jack, the Police say, was give a copy of this report, which he signed for.)

Written in Thai, the police report states that on 26 December 2007, Jack Sterling was accused of causing cruelty to a puppy, which resulted in the puppy dying. An investigation followed and he was declared guilty.

The maximum fine in Thailand for this offense is 1,000 baht (approx US$30) and on the 16 January 2008, Jack is recorded as pleading guilty to the charge and paying the fine.

The 3rd paragraph sets out the options available to Sterling in the event of this offense reoccurring. Jail!

So there we have it, the man who has managed to wriggle free from criminal charges for so long finally has one in the public domain.

This is not a parking ticket, let alone an assault on another person charge. This is a conviction against him for causing a puppy to die through cruelty.

Jack Sterling, puppy breeder, convicted of cruelty to a puppy.

Oh before I forget, Happy Birthday Jack from all here at "Save Dogs".

For the Dogs!

Click image to enlarge.
Original Post in December 2007 Here... - People are still reading

Despite this blog not posting every day, there are still plenty of people reading it. And how wonderful it is to see that the majority are new faces. Welcome to you all, this site is the real truth about House of Sakorn.

It pays to read the pages on this site before thinking about buying a $2,500 dog from Jack Sterling and taking it back to the states. (ps Jack, they said your house was filthy!)

There are other breeders in Chiang Mai, other locations in Thailand, let alone in the rest of the world, who are far more open and honest, clean and healthy, let alone good to do business with.

Jack Sterling Chiang Mai Puppy Mill - Pleading

Here is sensitive style letter in comparison to the typical from Sterling on his one man one voice forum.

Bua Bua and many others are still available and all need good homes..

Last September, I asked a few local people to help me place several dogs......

What a mistake that was..
Instead of helping me find new homes for all these "leftover" TRD, these "vipers" just went all out and attacked me in every possible way.. From slandering me in a phony newspaper story to filing a false police report telling the local police I had been abusive to a dying pup which was just totally false and that I would kill my pups by drowning them, gassing them, hanging them and freezing them, just to be rid of the ones I did not want.

This was all just totally insane.

All of this was made of stories that were created to discredit me in the eyes of all who had any interest in buyong a TRD from me.

All these people want is to see me fail in the TRD breed and try to prove I am a cruel and brutal man killing off any puppy or dog that suits me.

Now, I find all of this quite odd as almost a year later I am still feeding and caring for most of the same dogs while none of these so call rescue people have done a thing to help me at all. One Brit lady took two dogs and also gave two more FAWN TRD females that I had gave her to a local rescue group who finally gave them to some American chap, but refuses to tell me who and where my dogs have ended up. I just do not understand these people.

Why do they all attack me??

Only about 3-4 of these people have actually been to my home and none of them are saying anything about their visits. The people who do voice a opinion about my home have all been quite positive and have supported me with their own true stories. Those people who slander the most have never been here and have never even seen my kennel or met my TRD. I find them all quite strange.

I just do not get all the nasty, vicious, and dishonest behavior from all these people who do not even know me??

These cowards will not ID themselves and just hide behind their computers. I just will continue feeding all the dogs the best that I can and try to find as many homes as I can..

As for all of you people who continue to slander and lie about me.. try looking down deep into your hearts and ask yourselves why you are so filled with hate..

But I have been to your home, been to your dirty, crowded factory when you were not bothered to care as you should. How would I know the truth about you otherwise?

To name myself here would be suicide. Your previous record for shaking a hand and ripping off the arm is well recorded and to think that you are on my doorstep fills me with horror as you would not want to let a simple discussion rest at that.

Jack Sterling, you need to admit that what has been written within this blog is basically true. You might not agree with the way it's worded but you need to reflect on your own views of what constitutes a puppy miller.

You are a nasty, mean, tough, loud and arrogant guy and were someone to meet you face to face and even intimate that you are actually all this blog has said, without a doubt, you would show your colors and that would set the outcome.

Jack joins the Millers Site

Read more examples of Puppy Mills
Here is an important & hard working group, trying to rid the world of Puppy Mills.

Visit Prisoners of Greed to read more and realise Jack Sterling is just another Puppy Miller.

Next Day Pets still support puppy mills

Shame on you Next Day Pets!

Jack Sterling Chiang Mai Puppy Mill

It's 18:30, Tuesday 13 May 2008 and I am watching the clouds open over the foot hills around Doi Suthep and rain on the lush green trees which enclose the villages and homes of the residents living near to Night Safari.

The rain seems to fall as if to wash away the filth, almost as if it had never rained before, trying to wash the pain and suffering of those who shelter there.

Sterling's Puppy Mill, whose entrance is less than a kilometer from the failed tourist attraction, is awash with the deluge from the daily down pour we get here at this time of year and indeed, as if like clock work, at this time of day.

As I look at the rain I wonder about the drops that hit the scotched ground under my feet and think about the puppies at House of Sakorn. I think about the adults and teenagers too, who have only known a life at the mill. I think also about the ones who are now lost, the dead, murdered and dumped. Did they deserve to be born to Sterling's brutality and evil, did they have any choice in their fate. If only this blog had existed 10 years ago, if only there had been a conviction brought against Sterling in a country where his crimes would be suitably addressed. If only, if only, if only...

The rain is now easing, it poured for about half an hour. The frogs have started to croak, sing & moan, the monkeys at Night Safari are starting their calls and the dogs in the villages are exercising their lungs for a few last woofs before turning in for the night.

It's at times like this, with the rain cleansing the air and bringing me such feelings, that I most regret not doing more to help those poor creatures sooner.

Rain is an emotional experience and I hope you are able to share my thoughts.

Jack Sterling Puppy Miller - Cruel to The Bone

And another email from someone who seems to know Jack Sterling very well.

    Congratulations Jack. Another dog from lovely hot Thailand sold to a very cold country.

    Your old article written when you were still in America says words to the effect that you are hunkered down just trying to keep yourself and your dogs warm. It really is not fair.

    It's very bad what you will do for money. That reminds me, you're doing quite well these days selling so many dogs. I think the USA tax man will be very pleased to get his hands on all the back tax you owe him. Check out the legal situation here with the lawyer you owe money to. Ask him how you stand in the tax paying situation over in Thailand.

    Who is the Thai gent in the picture? He don't look so happy to be photographed with ol' redneck Jack. Is he the one who takes them through cargo at Thai air? I bet you don't get very close since you owe them all that dough.

    So. How many are in your run down rusty cages now? The old stock you never sold.What about them? They suffer life in prison year after year with no hope. They are the ones nobody ever see.The ones people try to put out of their mind when they are buying a puppy.

    You'll always be trash.

    Blogger, keep chasing him.

Sir Winston Begley

A terse letter from a blog reader

    Sterling has this fixation that the more famous people who correspond or speak to him the better he and his dogs must be.

    The Sir Elton John was a ridiculous claim, - and the outcome so predictable. This 4 seconds of 'fame' with the Clinton's was not worth the mention and now he is at it again.

    He does not credit his readers with very much intelligence when, just as he tries to rally round from the latest bashing, yet another titled gent gets a mention and this time writes in to defend Jack's set- up.

    Forgive me, Sir Winston Begley, if I have made a mistake but I can't seem to find you listed in the appropriate registers.

    I can't help but wonder if you are one and the same family who could no longer care for their Ridgeback and Jack agreed to take it back. No shame on you at all and every credit to Jack, for once, in keeping the dog all this time at his own expense. But you should hear his moaning and complaining about it. I have heard him more than once call you a name which puts some doubt on the virtue of your mother and father. I am sure that, had you known how the poor dog would live out its days in stressful boredom in a cramped cage, you would have thought twice about leaving it behind with the breeder.

    Yours ,
    a true dog lover.

This nuisance in our community.

Well this email arrived today out of the blue! Seems like Jack is getting to the folks living in Chiang Mai & not just those he messes with when selling his trade.


    I am a Chiang Mai resident but do not wish to give my name. The reason is because it is a small city and I would not like a confrontation with this man.

    Jack Sterling does not have a pleasant manner and most people try to avoid contact with him. He is loud and scruffy and would easily cause a scene in public. I saw him about 6 months ago almost brawling in a supermarket with another American. Sterling was loud and aggressive with the staff at the meat counter and the second American stepped in.He was taking the side of the shop workers as Sterling was shouting as his meat and bones were not ready for him. Both men were shouting. It was very embarrassing for customers and staff. I just wanted to get away.

    I have been here for almost nine years and understand that the Thai people are angry and disgusted when foreigners behave like this. We would be the same if we had to put up with this in our home country.

    As for the dreadful crime with the puppy, I have asked my Thai friends and the story is absolutely and completely true.The fine was paid by Jack Sterling. There are many other stories about his brutal and uncaring attitude but nothing seems to have been done by the police. I wonder why. Certainly there has been more than one hanging of dogs, the last was a female, by Sterling at his home.I will spare you the details.

    What he forgets is that we are the outsiders and we don't know who knows who. The Thai social structure is like any other.They have cousins and friends scattered all over the surrounding villages.

    I know there are puppy 'mills' everywhere these days. It is sickening but at least in a 'developed' country the neglected animals can be confiscated.There are societies in place to deal with these cases.Here, very little is done at present. Perhaps in the early days of dog breeding he was not so bad. I say this as he describes the Puppy Mill with the contempt it deserves.I wonder at what point he became one himself.

    When the dislike of a foreigner by the Thai people is so great, as it is with Jack Sterling, it reflects on every other foreigner living here.Even in our small community the news that there is a blogger speaking out against another foreigner is disturbing. I am shocked how often it is mentioned.It seems widespread through all areas of the non-Thai community.

    I have now read some of the blog and the man certainly does have to defend himself on every side.

    I can't believe that it is all made up. There must be truth in what I have read.He really seems to go through life like a charging bull.

    All these women he attacks,does he have to be so crude and use this filthy gutter language? I see that the blogger is female, according to Sterling. I get no strong impression of that.I do get the impression that he dislikes women, so a blogger ( someone against him) must be a woman to him.

    If this e mail is put on the blog, let it be known that I am a woman. Let it be known that I am an animal lover. Let it be known that what goes around, comes around.I wouldn't be him for all the money and fame in the world.

Wow! Way to go girl !

Jack Sterling doesn't want a dog to bark

In a recent post, on his one man one voice forum, Jack advertises the use of Bark Control Collars.

Dogs bark. That' what dogs do. They also eat, sleep, drink, walk(if out of their prison cell) and of course what goes in, must come out. They poo & pee.

Dogs' bark Jack, unless it escaped your attention, that is what dogs do.

Read more about behavior control here.

Jack will have you believe these are necessary because he will tell you his dogs bark.

In fact if the truth be known, they are so damned terrified of a fisting or slapping by him, a torturous torrent of abuse or horrific banging and shaking of cages(their prison cells), many of the Sakorn dogs are scared to communicate with a human, let alone show their views about what is going on around them.

Imprisoned, Non Socialised, Scared & Barking??

Wanted - Fat Boy Info

This face look familiar ?

Ring now & confide in a friend.

Words from Jack Sterling - Dog Abuser - Chiang Mai

Here are a few choice words from the multi faceted tongue of puppy miller, whizzo of the breed he thinks he created.

If you are easily offended or object to crude or vular language, DO NOT read this email from Jack Sterling.

    Date: 2008/04/26 Sat AM 01:53:49 BST
    To: Donna
    Subject: Re: Re: creative site

    As I said,, a whore or a slut .. is what you appear to be.. Low class for sure as your words prove that..

    My foto of a bitch whelping her brood with a few others mixed in is what got you nasty foul mouth started.. She was thin.. too thin for nasty mouthed Donna Mo hammed of Leeds UK.. so, this cuntish like creature of the night sitting at her computer decided to attack a young man in his 60's over it..

    Who the fuck are you?? You are a nobody.. same as Carmen.. a nobody with a bad mouth.. The guy you were in Thailand with said you were nasty but he said in very polite way.. he was right.. You are a nasty ho and have a very nasty mouth for a 40-something whatever anyone could call you.. You could have been polite but you even said you are not a very polite person more than once.

    Kill unwanted dogs?? Sorry charlie, you are as ignorant as dames can get next to your typical com-padres in slander.. I don't like your kind of what hair lip??

    Crawl back into my hole?? You are the one living in a hole in the UK..Leeds??
    Spare that insult.. Been there.. but seen much better even in America..

    Loser?? I just sold a TRD for $15,000 and another for $5000.. funny how you should think i am a loser.. I am the one who drives all the prices higher for all the other breeder to do the same and not undercut anyone.. but try to make people pay as high a price as they can for a quality TRD and not some crap like you imported from real winners.. spare me the slander you silly immature child..

    Why do so many loving people look at you and laugh when they hear your name?
    Oh.. another sand monkey trying to capitalize on a rare breed of dog..

    You are a joke to all who will read anything you say.. better stay off the net for a while.. there is someone or something heading your way soon..

Read more about his alter ego here. (Viewer discretion advised - Adult content)

Jack Sterling-HouseofSakorn-ThaiRidgeback-Dogs-BreedingStandards

I just love to read Jack Sterlings old website.

You`re @:: Get a TRD Different types of breeding

House of Sakorn-Sterling TRD
Proudly had the very first litter of Thai Ridgeback puppies on May 19th 1994 in San Francisco, CA. USA. Being the first real hobby breeder in North America, I carefully incorporated three bloodlines to produce Thai Ridgeback Dogs of top quality with no deviation from the standard. I have always been a hobby breeder over 40 years.
Here are some of the definitions of the different kinds of dog people out there. Beware of them and also of those people who love to slander the leaders in any breed new or old.
Here are the Dog Owner's Guide's definitions to help you decide who is who:

[1] The Hobby breeder:
This is the what most dog show and self-respecting people are. A breed fancier who usually has only one breed but may have two; follows a breeding plan in efforts to preserve and protect the breed; produces from none to five litters per year; breeds only when a litter will enhance the breed and the breeding program; raises the puppies with plenty of environmental and human contact; has a contract that protects breeder, dog, and buyer; runs a small, clean kennel; screens breeding stock to eliminate hereditary defects from the breed; works with a breed club or kennel club to promote and protect the breed; and cares that each and every puppy is placed in the best home possible.

[2] The Commercial breeder:
One who usually has several breeds of dogs with profit as the primary motive for existence. The dogs may be healthy or not and the kennel may be clean or not. The dogs are probably not screened for genetic diseases, and the breeding stock is probably not selected for resemblance to the breed standard or for good temperament. Most commercial breeders sell their puppies to pet stores or to brokers who sell to pet stores.

[3] The Puppy Broker:
One who buys puppies from commercial kennels and sells to retail outlets. Brokers ship puppies by the crate-load on airlines or by truckload throughout the country. Brokers must be licensed by USDA and must abide by the shipping regulations in the Animal Welfare Act.

[4] The Buncher:
These people make me sick because they are the ones who collects dogs of unknown origin for sale to laboratories or other bunchers or brokers. Bunchers are considered lower on the evolutionary scale than puppy mill operators, for there is much suspicion that they buy stolen pets, collect pets advertised as "Free to a good home", and adopt unwanted pets from animal shelters for research at veterinary colleges or industrial research laboratories.

[5] The Backyard Breeder:
These are the real idiots in any breed...A dog owner whose pet either gets bred by accident or who breeds on purpose for a variety of reasons. This breeder is usually ignorant of the breed standard, genetics, behavior, and good health practices. A backyard breeder can very easily become a commercial breeder or a puppy mill.

[6] The Puppy Mill:
This a poor excuse of a breeder who produces puppies hand over fist with no breeding program, little attention to puppy placement, and poor health and socialization practices. A puppy mill may or may not be dirty but it is usually overcrowded and the dogs may be neglected or abused because the breeder can't properly handle as many dogs as he has. Puppy mill operators often denigrate hobby breeders and their dogs in attempts to make a sale.

Jack Sterling-ThaiRidgebackDogs-Chiang-Mai-Bone-Diet

This taken from Dogs on Holiday-UK Journal

Posted by Jack Sterling:
I was born in 1947.. and had my very one dog at 7 in 1955.. I started breeding dosg as my father and his father and his father did since the 1800's. I bred dogs in Germany, London, the USA and now here in northern Thailand. I discovered the Thai Ridgeback Dog in 1994 here in Thailand. I traveled through 32 states between 1995 and 2000 showing off the beauty of the TRD. Now I reside with all my TRD in ChiangMai Thailand. I was in the pet supply business for over 25 years and have always been self employed. I sold all kinds of dogs foods and have read all sorts of stories about the first dog food companies. James Spratt an American living in London was the first creator of what we called "kibble" dog food today way back in the 1860's..It was done for all the English dogs that were used in the "hunts" that was popular back then. Then later in the 1940's after WWII the bag food processed foods became the norm all across the world.. I prefer the old way of feed the dogs.. the BONE DIET..Raw foods and yes.. less vacines and less processed foods the better. also one day a week to "fast" them at least one to two days a week.. Wild dogs do not eat everyday..only when they are hungry..In today world all over the world we all tend to over feed out animals as well as ourselves. :) BE HAPPY and give your dog a big hug daily.. My oldest TRD is SAKORN who is now 13 years young.. see them all at
02/8/2006 @ 13:04:43

Poor dogs, no wonder they look and behave so sub standard. The ones that get away are the lucky ones!

Think about the 90+ he has there right now. This statement made 4 April 2008 on Dogster.

Jack Sterling-ThaiRidgebackDogs-Old rubbish recycled

Now just to prove a point, take a look at these links and compare them.

The first one in each pair are from a replacement site that Jack filled with rubbish in January 2008, & I must admit that this was as a direct result of this blog critcising his old site.

The second link in each pair is from his ATRA forum. Please note the posting to the forum date. (scroll down a few )

This tells me that Sterling is hard up for good news and is desperate to publish something.... anything.... even recycled rubbish, on his one man one mouth ATRA forum that represents his Puppy Mill shop window.

Any reader wishing to qualify this is welcome to write to this blog.

Jack Sterling - MSN Forums talk about the Puppy Mill

Pasted below is a current MSN Forum thread highlighting peoples views about the Puppy Miller Jack Sterling.

I have removed some of the photo's in the posts just for ease of reading but they can all be seen in the MSN postings or on the blog

From: Beam8224 Sent: 30/04/2008 00:24
Not sure if Jack deserved the 30$
Sorry we are thai and our law with animal cruelty still bit weak as you can see from the police record Donna shown to you all
Hopefully he going to jail too please !!



From: Donna_UK9 Sent: 30/04/2008 02:00
I understand the way things are in Thailand Beam, having visited Thailand and seen for myself the way things are out there
The problem I have with Jack is he is American and comes from a country were
animal welfare is taken seriously! he knows how dogs should be looked after... but
chooses to keeps his animals in such poor health and conditions. he does not care about this beautiful breed of dog... he only cares about the money


From: Beam8224 Sent: 30/04/2008 02:38
It is so Donna I ashame to say stuff about my country but it is really happened like that when you do that do this pay that bit this bit you give yourself in to the police and you finally get good lawyer you do not even need to go to jail ,,, there is different way of thinking from thai people and westerner about animal cruelty cant change that
I think this matter should be sent to the US and let him face the US laws instead of thai's law with animal,,,can be done tho you think ? just post all infos you've got to there maybe this get in US record with this Mister Jack in it ,,, sad sorry could not do more just feel so sorry for the puppy and all those in the pictures in a little cage got no care what so ever call fun for the dogs,,
Maybe send this to Animal planet let this matter goes around the world to every pair of eyes so people know more ! about mr. jack
I read his matter with before and I feel sorry for the lady also
Did you mean the same lady that give up ? just guessing ,,,


From: Donna_UK9 Sent: 30/04/2008 15:17
"Yes" Beam.... The ladys name was 'Carmen' and she had a really bad experience with Jack
Jack constantly attacked her for what she wrote about him to warn others not buy from him... I too have been attacked and slandared by Jack for showing people the
truth about him, as have many other good people who are trying to reveal the truth about Jack for the sake of the dogs.
Many of us have wrote and petitioned the animal charties to take action against Jack
but unfortunately while he hides in Thailand these authorities are powerless.
All we can do is make sure as many people as possible see these pictures as they speak for themselves...
I look at the faces of those poor dogs and see thier sadness.
It just makes me so angry thay Jack can make so much money from there misery and suffering.

From: Beam8224 Sent: 30/04/2008 15:27
This have to do with the thailand part to remove the dogs rehome and take care of them not sure if there is any rescue animal police in thailand but I been here for 10 years now thailand is really new to me if I am in thailand I would help the dogs..

ah well spread the words hopefully one day he get what he deserved you never know



From: judybeard Sent: 01/05/2008 07:18
Has any of you actually spoken to Jack Sterling in real time?

I contacted him by email and he asked be to join him in gmail and also in skype. The person you are speaking about does not sound like the same person I spoke to over the phone. I asked him about these same issues and what he says is different to what I see here in this message board. I was shocked and surprised by the emails he had forwarded to me from Donna.

Donna, I read your past emails to him as he wanted me to see what you write in private. I could only see a very angry person writing in that way.

Beam, I would not believe any of this negative response from any of these people who post such stuff.. There is no proof of all these claims of abuse and all I got was just the opposite from him.

We will find out soon enough as we will go to Chiang Mai and visit with him and all his dogs this summer on our vacation to Asia.

Judy B

From: Impestor0 Sent: 01/05/2008 11:21
Who do you think your fooling Jack Beard? Fake.

From: Beam8224 Sent: 01/05/2008 14:14
oh god forgive me I dont even want to disscus this matter here go:

Judy no offense meaning I am Thai and I know if there is nothing real the local authority would not make arrested and the animal welfare law in thailand is VERY weak compare to US's.
It does not matter the wind that came from the mouth of mr.Jack smell like. I do not think the people on the boards wasted them time and energy to just typing craps I believe they got better thing to do than that!

Everything happened for a reason Judy! If I were you I dont even wasted my time and money go to visit mr.Jack. Maybe go visit Chaing Mai !!
I did not take any side but I saw the dog mother who is really skinny feeding her babies in the rotten cage with my OWN EYES from the pictures. And that depressed me how can a human do such thing to the animal who only know how to love you !!
I can speaking and reading 5 languages Thai/English/Dutch/Chinese 2 kinds Cantonese/Mandarin
I could read the police record that Donna attached to the message very well. Maybe it is not mr. Jack's signature but there is another 2 witnesses in the paper and the local authority who typing the records thats 3 included !!! + mr. Jack who gave himself in.
If I am blind or dumb it is not just me I believe its the local nieghbors of mr. Jack and local Authorities also !
And lady Carmen who living in UK have bad experiences with mr.Jack directly you can go read it in I do not think she has reason to lies because of high vets bills she made and all fed up in TRD breed because 1 person !! Mr. Jack !! This is not just a matter of TRD its the matter of the animal well being take it serious punish the one !!I do not have personal reason to HATE mr. Jack but I do HATE what he did to the animals ! to be honest 90 dogs in that kinda piece of house and land ? I dont think so its enough to take care like 3 dogs max!! Love the animals and care them like you care for your own body !! oh by the way I do wiped my dogs buttocks everytime after they done them toilet like I do it for myself.

with kind regards,

beam and kids and all animal lovers of the world !!!

From: Donna_UK9 Sent: 01/05/2008 15:17
Judy if you have read my emails to Jack... would you like to see some of the emails I
have received from him?
"Of course I am angry!!!" As everybody should be when dealing with anybody who can care so little about an animal and make them suffer as Jacks dogs are suffering!!!
Judy B, If you was a dog would you be happy to stay at Jack Sterlings kennels?
I don't think so...
Can you seriously tell me you would be happy to buy one of Jacks puppies from the female Gina who is so skinny... yet still trying to feed her puppies?
There are many many GOOD breeders in Thailand with kennels that even have a water cooloing system to keep there dogs cool in the heat
It is these breeders you should support as they take very good care of there dogs!!! and love and show the breed.
I have the contact details of many Thai breeders who you can visit...
If you would like to contact me by email I will be happy to give the details to you.

I don't have anything to feel bad about...I am only showing people the truth... I dont even
have to personally attack Jack or say anything bad about him as the evidance speaks for itself!!!
Judy if your seriously thinking of getting a TRD why would you want to support a puppy farm? Do the animals suffering in these pictures mean NOThING.... to you?

Do these animals look well fed and cared for to you Judy B?