Jack Sterling Pleads Guilty to Cruelty Charge

The picture below is a typed up report from the original hand written report (which I have a copy of but makes terrible reading) made at Hang Dong Police Station, Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Edit- The 'typed up' version is from the Police, as their hand written report sheet, note book style, is hard for even Thai readers to read - similar to doctors handwriting. Jack, the Police say, was give a copy of this report, which he signed for.)

Written in Thai, the police report states that on 26 December 2007, Jack Sterling was accused of causing cruelty to a puppy, which resulted in the puppy dying. An investigation followed and he was declared guilty.

The maximum fine in Thailand for this offense is 1,000 baht (approx US$30) and on the 16 January 2008, Jack is recorded as pleading guilty to the charge and paying the fine.

The 3rd paragraph sets out the options available to Sterling in the event of this offense reoccurring. Jail!

So there we have it, the man who has managed to wriggle free from criminal charges for so long finally has one in the public domain.

This is not a parking ticket, let alone an assault on another person charge. This is a conviction against him for causing a puppy to die through cruelty.

Jack Sterling, puppy breeder, convicted of cruelty to a puppy.

Oh before I forget, Happy Birthday Jack from all here at "Save Dogs".

For the Dogs!

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