Jack Sterling Chiang Mai Puppy Mill

It's 18:30, Tuesday 13 May 2008 and I am watching the clouds open over the foot hills around Doi Suthep and rain on the lush green trees which enclose the villages and homes of the residents living near to Night Safari.

The rain seems to fall as if to wash away the filth, almost as if it had never rained before, trying to wash the pain and suffering of those who shelter there.

Sterling's Puppy Mill, whose entrance is less than a kilometer from the failed tourist attraction, is awash with the deluge from the daily down pour we get here at this time of year and indeed, as if like clock work, at this time of day.

As I look at the rain I wonder about the drops that hit the scotched ground under my feet and think about the puppies at House of Sakorn. I think about the adults and teenagers too, who have only known a life at the mill. I think also about the ones who are now lost, the dead, murdered and dumped. Did they deserve to be born to Sterling's brutality and evil, did they have any choice in their fate. If only this blog had existed 10 years ago, if only there had been a conviction brought against Sterling in a country where his crimes would be suitably addressed. If only, if only, if only...

The rain is now easing, it poured for about half an hour. The frogs have started to croak, sing & moan, the monkeys at Night Safari are starting their calls and the dogs in the villages are exercising their lungs for a few last woofs before turning in for the night.

It's at times like this, with the rain cleansing the air and bringing me such feelings, that I most regret not doing more to help those poor creatures sooner.

Rain is an emotional experience and I hope you are able to share my thoughts.