This nuisance in our community.

Well this email arrived today out of the blue! Seems like Jack is getting to the folks living in Chiang Mai & not just those he messes with when selling his trade.


    I am a Chiang Mai resident but do not wish to give my name. The reason is because it is a small city and I would not like a confrontation with this man.

    Jack Sterling does not have a pleasant manner and most people try to avoid contact with him. He is loud and scruffy and would easily cause a scene in public. I saw him about 6 months ago almost brawling in a supermarket with another American. Sterling was loud and aggressive with the staff at the meat counter and the second American stepped in.He was taking the side of the shop workers as Sterling was shouting as his meat and bones were not ready for him. Both men were shouting. It was very embarrassing for customers and staff. I just wanted to get away.

    I have been here for almost nine years and understand that the Thai people are angry and disgusted when foreigners behave like this. We would be the same if we had to put up with this in our home country.

    As for the dreadful crime with the puppy, I have asked my Thai friends and the story is absolutely and completely true.The fine was paid by Jack Sterling. There are many other stories about his brutal and uncaring attitude but nothing seems to have been done by the police. I wonder why. Certainly there has been more than one hanging of dogs, the last was a female, by Sterling at his home.I will spare you the details.

    What he forgets is that we are the outsiders and we don't know who knows who. The Thai social structure is like any other.They have cousins and friends scattered all over the surrounding villages.

    I know there are puppy 'mills' everywhere these days. It is sickening but at least in a 'developed' country the neglected animals can be confiscated.There are societies in place to deal with these cases.Here, very little is done at present. Perhaps in the early days of dog breeding he was not so bad. I say this as he describes the Puppy Mill with the contempt it deserves.I wonder at what point he became one himself.

    When the dislike of a foreigner by the Thai people is so great, as it is with Jack Sterling, it reflects on every other foreigner living here.Even in our small community the news that there is a blogger speaking out against another foreigner is disturbing. I am shocked how often it is mentioned.It seems widespread through all areas of the non-Thai community.

    I have now read some of the blog and the man certainly does have to defend himself on every side.

    I can't believe that it is all made up. There must be truth in what I have read.He really seems to go through life like a charging bull.

    All these women he attacks,does he have to be so crude and use this filthy gutter language? I see that the blogger is female, according to Sterling. I get no strong impression of that.I do get the impression that he dislikes women, so a blogger ( someone against him) must be a woman to him.

    If this e mail is put on the blog, let it be known that I am a woman. Let it be known that I am an animal lover. Let it be known that what goes around, comes around.I wouldn't be him for all the money and fame in the world.

Wow! Way to go girl !