Words from Jack Sterling - Dog Abuser - Chiang Mai

Here are a few choice words from the multi faceted tongue of puppy miller, whizzo of the breed he thinks he created.

If you are easily offended or object to crude or vular language, DO NOT read this email from Jack Sterling.

    Date: 2008/04/26 Sat AM 01:53:49 BST
    To: Donna
    Subject: Re: Re: creative site

    As I said,, a whore or a slut .. is what you appear to be.. Low class for sure as your words prove that..

    My foto of a bitch whelping her brood with a few others mixed in is what got you nasty foul mouth started.. She was thin.. too thin for nasty mouthed Donna Mo hammed of Leeds UK.. so, this cuntish like creature of the night sitting at her computer decided to attack a young man in his 60's over it..

    Who the fuck are you?? You are a nobody.. same as Carmen.. a nobody with a bad mouth.. The guy you were in Thailand with said you were nasty but he said in very polite way.. he was right.. You are a nasty ho and have a very nasty mouth for a 40-something whatever anyone could call you.. You could have been polite but you even said you are not a very polite person more than once.

    Kill unwanted dogs?? Sorry charlie, you are as ignorant as dames can get next to your typical com-padres in slander.. I don't like your kind of what hair lip??

    Crawl back into my hole?? You are the one living in a hole in the UK..Leeds??
    Spare that insult.. Been there.. but seen much better even in America..

    Loser?? I just sold a TRD for $15,000 and another for $5000.. funny how you should think i am a loser.. I am the one who drives all the prices higher for all the other breeder to do the same and not undercut anyone.. but try to make people pay as high a price as they can for a quality TRD and not some crap like you imported from real winners.. spare me the slander you silly immature child..

    Why do so many loving people look at you and laugh when they hear your name?
    Oh.. another sand monkey trying to capitalize on a rare breed of dog..

    You are a joke to all who will read anything you say.. better stay off the net for a while.. there is someone or something heading your way soon..

Read more about his alter ego here. (Viewer discretion advised - Adult content)