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For the dogs !

Experiences of buying & receiving dogs from the Sterling Factory

The content of just 1 email from someone who thought they could trust Sterling as an honest, competent and caring breeder.

Hi,, love your Blog and hope it puts him out of business forever!!!!!

anyway I know a lot of him as I was once friendly with him before he moved to Thailand. He told me a lot during this time and I witnessed many things.

In the winter of 2004. Jack sold some dogs to Puerto Rico and Maryland.
He sent them to me where I would pick them up at the airport in NJ and help transfer them to their proper owners.

At this time I received 4 pups. One went to Frank Memmo and the other to a Anthony Anastasi.

This dogs came in with a dog for me as well. When we received the dogs, at first they seemed ok, but I knew something was wrong with my black dog.. he was very skinny and had bear spots in his coat.. Later that week, after a vet visit, i found my dog had multiple infections.

He had staph infections and intestinal.

Later that week, I received a call from frank Memmo stating his dog had infections too and pneumonia.

Frank spent almost $2000 trying to heal his dog.
I spent close to $900

Anthony's dog was diagnosed with parvo and distemper and later died along with another dog diagnosed the same who went to Puerto Rico. At this time Jack had an outbreak in his kennel, but he sent out dogs anyway hoping they would be ok and let the new owners deal with it.. he didn't want to lose his deals and puppies as he would need to replace them.

out of the 4 dogs that came in 2 died..

He told Anthony he would replace it, but when Anthony tried to get his replcemet, all he received was hard time.

Jack told him he must wait. Finally when a pup was picked for him, Anthony was eager to get him shipped to him..Jack ended up telling him he could not ship the dog, as he ran it over with his truck..

Jack lied to him, because the puppy was turning into very nice quality, and he wanted to keep it himself.. The same pup was later seen on his site running with other dogs.. he sent Tony a lesser quality dog instead.

Jack also has a tendency , once he received your money, he will start changing the deal on you. he will request more money for shipping, cages, etc..whatever excuse he can come up with to get more money. he puts you in a position, that you must either send more money, or risk losing the money you already sent him.. he has done this many times.

When I purchased my black dog, he raised the price of the dog very high. I then told him I would not get the dog, that I would get a black female instead. He told me the black girl ( bred by a Thai breeder) was a show prospect that the breeder would not sell. Jack had a $1500 deposit form me and he requested another $2500

I sent it as I feared losing my money.He told me this would be the full price and I could get him shipped to the states for that. when it cam time to ship the puppy, he tried to get more money from me.I reminded him of our agreement and he still tried to change it. He had a guy named Miguel form Puerto Rico there helping him.I spoke to Miguel and it was Miguel who payed for the shipping of my puppy as Jack would not.he told me he was buying a few dogs and he would work it out with Jack in their deal..

Later I found the same black female he told that was not available, in a photo on his web site. I confronted him about it and he told me they changes their mind and sold her. I was later told by Miguel, he had every intention of getting her and stated that "she has potential"

He lied to me and raised my price very high so he could buy her for himself.
This dog is now named Black Magic and is still a breeding dog in his kennel.

Jack also applied pedigrees to his dogs as he sees fit. He has mixed up sires and dams, given puppied pedigrees form dogs that are now dead. He does this so he can have pedigrees as many TRD have either false or no pedigree. He has been caught many times doing this, and it took public arguments to get him to change it.

Feeding his dogs every other day has been a practice of his for a very long time. He admitted this to me a long time ago.

Another similar email tomorrow... and the next day & the day after that etc etc

Unhealthy adults... Healthy pups ?

For Sale - A healthy good looking pup - NOT!

This photograph was taken for the purposes of selling this puppy.

Photo Gallery

A selection of photos taken in & around the puppy mill. Sterling is not always happy about us using photo's from his site but what is good for the goose... Copy & paste is one of his favorite past times.

More revelations in the email

Today the mail box was positively bulging!

First of all, there were a few emails from mail servers stating "address unknown" etc... because it's quite obvious to anyone, even without a degree in rocket technology, to realize Sterling has designed a few self appreciating lines to furnish his site.

Then there are emails from folks so scared to reveal their true identities, for fear that Sterling will recommence old tirades which they thought were gone (obviously old targets & new targets are taking up his time) and relate their dreadful experiences with great pain and emotion.

The mail box obviously has a few from Sterling but this blog is not for his rantings, he can use his forum & sites for that.

But then the remaining emails are coming from people who have just had too much from him over the years. They are still plagued by him from time to time and despise his so much for what he has done to poor innocent creatures that have no release or voice to speak for them. He has dominated the bred puppies lives and believes he is able to do the same with anyone who buys, receives or just inquiries about a dog from his factory.

As said previously, anyone who has called him, met him or overheard him, his manner is quite intrusive, demanding, overly persuasive, often patronising and ultimately abrupt, aggressive, rude & insulting.

We do not recommend you commence discussion with him but if you are in any doubt, give him a call.


Breeders are not the issue here, it's the way Sterling does it. He should not be operating a puppy mill and should not be dealing with animals, or people for that matter.

Please read the content of this blog and appreciate the need for this facility to air peoples grievances, their experiences and highlight the poor standards of Sterlings breeding operation.

Contact the blog

Please use this address to email the blog.

About this blog

Please read the content of this blog and appreciate the need for this facility to air peoples grievances, their experiences and highlight the poor standards of Sterlings breeding operation.


As we stood by the gate, President Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton happened to ride out on bicycles. "Very nice dogs!" President Clinton shouted admiringly as he rolled past, surrounded by Secret Service agents. It was a brief, but auspicious encounter.


Emails from people that have had bad experiences with Jack Sterling, able to air their views here but silenced by the bully elsewhere.

More results of cross breeding by Sterling. American Bulldog!
Does Sterling think he has a license to create new breeds?

Here are some pic's of a Thai Ridgeback & Chihuahua cross. He is quoted as calling them "Mini-TRDs"

Responsible Breeder? Don't think so.

Responsible Breeder ??

This photo was provided by the woman in the US and at this time she states she is undecided about pairing them. She also clearly states she has not experienced any difficulties when dealing with Sterling.

The black and tan marked TRD (standing beside the bench) came from one of Sterlings litters; he sold this un acceptable colored TRD to a woman in the US (dogs name is Nikita) he then just recently (this past summer) sent her a male dog, Samson, so that she could (if she so decided) breed the two together!

Here are some more photo's of Nikita.

How is that supposed to fit with Sterlings claims that he is a responsible breeder and careful about the breed.

Oh... nearly forgot, the woman in the US asked me to represent fairly by showing both sides of the story.

Well lets see, how many dogs has Sterling bred? 100.. 200.. 300.. 400.. + 500.. ??

Shall we start a poll?

How many of those had their chance to air their views, emotions & experiences?? Papa didn't represent them did he!

Revelations in the post

Interesting details and photographs too, from far and wide, are coming to this blog via email.

Who would think that a man of 60 with no support from friends, family or community could scare so many into fearing their safety?

If you have either spoken with him or heard him attempt to communicate outside a "selling deal" you will know how he comes across. Try for yourself, give his number a call and you will certainly start to appreciate the other / real side of this character.

Do feel free to email in order to add to this growing community of people who love dogs & despise Sterlings breeding activities.

Anonymity assured... For the dogs!

Sterling offends Thailand

The story in the papers: Kom Chad luek newspaper

Visit the site for the original...

Or enlarge this thumbnail to see the text

Sterling Thai Ridgeback Breeder Sites

From a few simple searches on the web it is clear this man is zealous about selling his trade and broadcasting his character and point of view to any possible reader.

He has a forum which sadly is rather devoid of interaction & conversation, unless you think that posting numerous items from & about yourself... to yourself, equates to effective communication. It's titled "American Thai Ridgeback Association" or ATRA for short and although it's colorful and vivid, anyone reading the forum will quickly get a flavor of his difficult and troubled character, as anyone who has called the phone number will testify that he is a difficult individual to discuss or converse with.

So this is the "Mr Nice Guy" side of Sterling.

But talk to any shop / service provider that he has a need to do business with in Chiang Mai and quite a different side will be revealed. The true Jack Sterling. Don't mess with this guy unless you need constant bombardment of phone calls or email delivering rantings of what can be interpreted as coming from a troubled mind.

Some store keepers actually shudder when his name is mentioned and quickly lower their voices for fear he might be able to hear them. Some are openly frank about his attitude. They will speak about his loud, aggressive and threatening language and about how their staff feel insulted and afraid of him. Some business people will add that he has been banned from trading with them and that he not only has a bad mouth but bad credit too!

Jack Sterling - Thai Ridgeback Dogs

Now if you check out his site, you will see an endless drivel about how much he loves and cares for dogs. Daddy loves his children type stuff.

But did you ever hear about a parent keeping their children in cramped & confined conditions? Did you ever hear about a parent only feeding there children every other day? Worse still... did you every hear about a parent putting their children in the freezer to die?

It happens and there are many people & organizations fighting the cause and courts around the world see cases come to trial regarding such events. Most of the perpetrators are locked up we hope but the character and the memory of the child are affected for their life and indeed they serve a life sentence themselves.

This blog is not raising awareness of children in danger. This blog is all about the poor creatures who are suffering at the hands of Jack Sterling, a breeder of Thai Ridgeback Dogs living in Thailand, after running away from America (and who knows where else?).

He has a number of pages on the web that seem to run on & on & on (a common theme but more of that later) about the dogs, the process of buying and the apparent satisfaction customers have scribed to him.

If you visit this link... you will be able to read, apart from a whole load of rubbish about what he thinks prospective buyers want to know, about types of breeder;

[6] The Puppy Mill:

This a poor excuse of a breeder who produces puppies hand over fist with no breeding program, little attention to puppy placement, and poor health and socialization practices. A puppy mill may or may not be dirty but it is usually overcrowded and the dogs may be neglected or abused because the breeder can't properly handle as many dogs as he has. Puppy mill operators often denigrate hobby breeders and their dogs in attempts to make a sale.

Maybe he forgot to update the site and include himself in that category or give the reader some first hand quotes about how to mistreat animals professionally!

Not only is Sterling breeding in very poor conditions (cramped cages, no exercise, no water or food regularly available etc) but he is continually breeding at an excessive rate, so much so that many puppies fail to reach the standard of the breed. These he says he will give away for free but the effect of the growing numbers is a drain on his limited resources (manpower & finance).

Currently he has in excess of 40 puppies and possibly over 80 adults at his factory near Night Safari, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Now anyone with a little common sense will recognize a resource issue here. If you are breeding dogs to sell, then puppies represent the product item & the adults are the overhead.

This situation is clearly out of control and the demand on Sterling's time and money is draining his resources to the detriment of the poor creatures he says he loves.

Police are on the case

Thankfully some people are taking complaints about Sterling seriously. At last the Police and Immigration authorities are investigating him and he faces charges of operating without a business license in Thailand & cruelty to animals amongst other possible charges.

Thai National news papers reported the investigation, as have Television.

The main detail in this piece of news print is that a Thai Animal Rights group have reported the matter to police in Chiang Mai and they are liaising with Immigration who now know Sterling is operating illegally and demand that he become legal or get out of Thailand!

Now this is rather interesting, as the same scenario occurred in the USA a while back, when he needed to run away from Washington DC & New Jersey where he faced charges of cruelty & neglect to animals there too!!

This menace to humanity & the helpless creatures in captivity within his puppy factory, is likely to just run away again and start a new operation somewhere else, as he is greedy for the possibility of money the trade of dealing in puppies generates.

Thai Ridgeback Dogs need help

But do they need Jack Sterling (or what ever his real name is) to breed so many in such poor conditions and then sell un-neutered dogs, to allow other people around the world to do just the same.

Essentially the problem is greed and ignorance.

In Thailand & especially Chiang Mai, where Sterling is currently breeding, there are so many dogs on the streets, homeless and in need of care and love but due to basic human emotions of people world wide, there is a demand for puppies as they are cute and cuddly. Some say it's like a baby substitute and there is therefore a puppy mill / factory / farm industry business opportunity available for willing people to make money from other peoples desires.

Sterling has set up his operation behind a high front gate & fence on a rented plot of land with a house that masks the truth behind it. Literally.

The cages are stacked one on top of another in prison cell style, row after row. The poor dogs are institutionalized from their captivity within these cages and their life is a misery day in, day out.

There are separate areas set aside for puppies but these are just as appalling.

Currently there are in excess of 100 dogs held in this condition and due to either financial status or workload, the dogs seem to only get fed every 2 days. Therefore the general conditions of the dogs are underweight and weak.

The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate the truth behind what Sterling presents to the world... A bright & healthy picture of what in reality is a shady and squalid sad story.