More revelations in the email

Today the mail box was positively bulging!

First of all, there were a few emails from mail servers stating "address unknown" etc... because it's quite obvious to anyone, even without a degree in rocket technology, to realize Sterling has designed a few self appreciating lines to furnish his site.

Then there are emails from folks so scared to reveal their true identities, for fear that Sterling will recommence old tirades which they thought were gone (obviously old targets & new targets are taking up his time) and relate their dreadful experiences with great pain and emotion.

The mail box obviously has a few from Sterling but this blog is not for his rantings, he can use his forum & sites for that.

But then the remaining emails are coming from people who have just had too much from him over the years. They are still plagued by him from time to time and despise his so much for what he has done to poor innocent creatures that have no release or voice to speak for them. He has dominated the bred puppies lives and believes he is able to do the same with anyone who buys, receives or just inquiries about a dog from his factory.

As said previously, anyone who has called him, met him or overheard him, his manner is quite intrusive, demanding, overly persuasive, often patronising and ultimately abrupt, aggressive, rude & insulting.

We do not recommend you commence discussion with him but if you are in any doubt, give him a call.