Answer the questions Jack!

Follow this link to the latest of Sterlings attempts to avoid the truth.

His dogs are poor quality, have coat and physical (let alone sociological) issues and he continues to face up to it.

Why won't you just simply answer the question?

Coat or Sores?
Jackass. The wounds look to make the fawn dog lame, and you rate this as pet quality to somehow justify your lack of care.

You think you can start again ?

Sterling is on the make again, trying to brush up his act, telling good stories and putting on a clean & squeaky image to the prospective buyer who might happen across his sites.

They would have to be quite short sighted to miss the obvious issues in the information he has posted,let alone the wonderful new pictures the world is waiting to see any day now!

Lets hope he has used Photoshop to take out the nicks & blemishes and filled in the poor creatures rib cages with some flesh!

Recent Quotes from Jack Sterling - Chiang Mai Thailand

Renowned puppy mill operator and convicted animal abuser, Jack Sterling, AKA J E Jackson, has recently been overheard to say he was finally out of business.

"Those scum bags have screwed my sales" and "Slime, they don't even know me" were just a couple of the comments coming to us and he is admitting to defeat and ruin.

Chiang Mai has been home to this slippery character for just over 4 years and now the noose has tightened and he will soon need to move out.

Money is what has oiled his wheels for so many years but the greed has ruined him. To save his face, he has been forced to throw any savings he had into fighting the truth about the shady puppy mill operation he runs and preparing for visitors that are looking deeper and asking more questions.

Build fences, sound proof the loud ones, paint cages, kill and dump a few old dogs but he still has to face up to the rising cost of living in Thailand and his bills are stacking up around his ears.

One vet we talked to said Sterling owed him thousands and one store keeper refused to talk too much, save to say that Sterling was banned from taking anymore food without paying cash.

But Sterling has one friend. Dr Pelapan Ounmee's smelly (too many cats peeing in the shop) is a real dump and the standards of hygiene are worse than Sterlings own, but "Pet Home" or Baan Satliang are only too pleased to do anything for money, as Sterling knows too well.

Need a vaccine date stamp? He's your man! Need the date back dated ? Dr Pe's certainly your man. Dr Pe is just what Jack needs, a friendly corrupt and easy-go-lucky guy that is only too pleased to help.