Jack says he is back... So are we!

The sadness continues at House of Sakorn for the poor little puppies being churned out by the puppy miller.

Not only is sterling fatter on the wealth of blinded buyers of his abused, poor quality dogs, shipped with illegal papers through intimidated Thai Cargo channels, he is arrogant enough to think he can just carry on with his evil ways just down the road in his next makeshift place.

Makeshift ? Yep, he hasn't been there 2 minutes & he is on the move again.

News from the analystics report shows plenty of readers across the world, interested in Thai Ridgeback Dogs, TRD's, Jack Sterling, House of Sakorn, Thaidog.com, or the whereabouts of the evil fat bastard.

If anyone has any thing they wish to get off their chest, want to air their point of view you can either contact us here savedogs100@yahoo.com or our friends over at http://trdtruthtwo.blogspot.com/ or

I am sure between us we can put sterling out of business, get immigration to know all about his inability to honour his retirement visa status (more about that next time) and allow people who want to obtain a Thai Ridgeback dog to know where not to get one from.

For the dogs !!


Jack Sterling Thai Ridgeback Breeder - Puppy Miller

More fan mail for Jack Sterling

Reading Sterlings site has made me wonder why he has no old dogs.

We have 5 dogs and 2 are teenagers, now 13 and nearly 15, we bought with us from Canada just over a year ago. The other 2 are rescues and seem to be about 6 or 7 and the last is just a few months old.

I am no expert but as he has so many dogs and is always trying to get people to rescue his left over part litters, I wonder where the old ones went to?

Perhaps Sterling is the only one who can answer that. I don't suppose he will and perhaps the truth would not be what we hear from him anyway. We can only guess where they are and what has become of them but it probably would not make good bedtime reading.

He likes to believe he is the worlds most famous breeder of Thai Ridgeback dogs but there is a world of difference between fame and infamy.

Jack Sterling House of Sakorn - Your out there Jack

Great to see the hits to this site just ticking along.

Even though we haven't been blogging since August, there are still over 60 hits a day in the last month and with the world now waking up to puppy miller operations and their horrible cruelty to the adults and pups, the hits to this site will only increase.

Take a look at the map of hits below.

Happy Christmas Jack! - From all those poor dogs you have made suffer, hope the next year brings you even less customers

And for those reading this post and would like more truth about Jack Sterling, you are welcome to visit (with caution) the MSN Thai Ridgeback forum

If you are new to reading about Sterling, you will need to view the rantings of a man suffering mental instability. Some of the indications of this are the size of his font, and the language he uses. The former is not because he lost his glasses in a fight in a bar (when a short Thai guy knocked him down with one punch... I could go on) but because he is SHOUTING!

The language he uses is derived from a deep disrespect he has for women.

ps - Jack - The numbers of hits you have on your silly one man atra site are from people referred on by the blog. It really is doing it's job, telling the world what a real menace to society you really are.

Oprah tells the world all about Jack Sterling

It seems that Jack Sterling has caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey and the disgusting methods that puppy millers use, was highlighted to the world by her excellent program.

Jack Sterling sadly is still alive. Even more sadly many of the puppies he has forced into this world are no longer with us.

It is a fact, the miller breeds too many, cannot afford to keep them and then kills or dumps them like garbage.

Jack Sterling, you have not changed your ways in the year this blog has been reporting your shoddy operation. You are still churning out excessive amounts of pups and there are already too many dogs at your farm that should be released from their imprisonment and you should retire while you still can.

You never know who you upset by constantly bad mouthing Thai people and then showing your true 2 faced evil personality by smooth talking about how wonderful you think Thai people are in the next breath. Breath... you might not have too much of that for much longer.

55 dogs seized in raid on puppy mill

Wow !! That headline got my attention today when I read the news.

Friday, August 22, 2008 9:14 PM CDT
55 dogs seized in raid on puppy mill
Cages stacked three high at Arthur operation

By KENNETH LOWE, Staff Writer

ARTHUR — In the corner of one pen at the Macon County Animal Control and Care Center, at least half a dozen tiny puppies huddled fearfully together in a pile, as far away from the door as possible.

Shelter manager Teresa Weybright pointed out the puppies, saying it is likely they cower because they’ve never been touched by humans. They have instead lived their short lives in wire cages stacked three high, and barely large enough for a full-size canine to move or stand.

At least two dogs were found dead in the cages.

They are a fraction of 55 dogs seized from an alleged puppy mill in rural Arthur early Friday morning after a week-long investigation carried out by Weybright and other members of Macon and Douglas county animal control agencies and the Humane Society of the United States.

You can read the full article here ...

Sad, fat Jack is up to his old tricks again!

Posting on his ATRA site, desperate to fill it with whatever he can, he posts and withdraws a few hours later. He does this over and over again without permission from anyone involved or regard of any consequences.

Firstly the 'great' article written by a local lady around a year ago.

It seems from the way the article was written she was trying to help place his unwanted stock of low quality, nervous dogs and had been taken in by Jack and his wild exaggerations. Check your facts, Jo !

We checked back-dated issues only to find it was never accepted for publication. We speculate that Jack's reputation made him a poor candidate for help.

Really Jack, we always find you out sooner or later. I bet Jo Baggaley does not know about this - YET !

He never learns.

Secondly, a really pathetic attempt to deceive in one of his 'claim to fame' e mails.
On his former excuse for a website he drones on about selling a dog to Nick Cage as a pet for the famous actors son. May or may not be true, who cares.

He has now made up an e mail which gives the impression that he has received it from Cage recently. It mentions the horrible blog and gives the name of the dog, Ling and is signed 'Nick'. Just not at all convincing,- even to a four year old. I wonder if it still on the site or has it been whisked away?

Anyway, Jack you brightened up our day again. Yesterday was wet and grey until we checked the site. Then you brought a little light and a lot of laughter to us all.

Thanks for that but have you seen how the price of even your cheap rubbish dog food has gone up again?

Get more than you want at your local market

Jack is not dead yet.

He is busy trying to leave a lasting image of a fat, angry and hateful old man in the memories of anyone he meets.

He was seen in his No1 Market recently, the place where he is considering dumping a few of his unwanted dogs, at least there they will get food and socialisation.

Read this email from James & Oum. If you are easily offended, I would suggest you ask someone else to read the following letter on your behalf.


james here. please post the following account to the blog. no need for anonymity.
thanks, James


Thought id share a bit about the run-in Oum and I had with Jack Sterling at the market today(28/7/08). In a nutshell it consisted of typical jackass behavior: a lot of yelling, obscenities, threats and the like. Its funny how everything this guy spews out about the people he dislikes or doesnt agree with, which is just about everyone, are a dead on description of his own actions and character! Anyhow, the encounter didnt go any further than that as Oum and i simply left the scene leaving the jackass behind screaming.

Maybe youre wondering why Jack Sterling is so angry with Oum and I ? Well its simple and obvious to most. The version that Jack likes to tell is that I am a lying cheating scumbag etc. that stoled his "girlfriend" (the bitch whore cunt etc

In reality I did nothing to Jack to deserve those labels and Oum was not his girlfriend(he even said this to me in plain english: "she is not my girlfriend", and even went as far as asking me how anyone could be interested in a "fat slob" like that?). Jack is angry because I didnt help him to continue taking advantage of people, particularly Oum who he manipulated and cornered into being the sole caretaker of 80+ dogs. Oum was the life blood of Jack sterlings puppy mill operation in the sense that while she was there she did all she could to care for the dogs.

I know this because I was there for an entire month helping her care for the dogs and when I left so did Oum. Soon after our departure Jacks dogs were all sick, starving, or dying. People started to take notice and thats when this blog started.

After reading this youve probably got a lot more questions? Thats fine. If anyone would like to contact me you can email me at green2nds@hotmail.com ive got a whole lot of first hand accounts/experience regarding jack sterling that im willing to share with anyone who is interested.

Well that certainly tells it like it is !