Sad, fat Jack is up to his old tricks again!

Posting on his ATRA site, desperate to fill it with whatever he can, he posts and withdraws a few hours later. He does this over and over again without permission from anyone involved or regard of any consequences.

Firstly the 'great' article written by a local lady around a year ago.

It seems from the way the article was written she was trying to help place his unwanted stock of low quality, nervous dogs and had been taken in by Jack and his wild exaggerations. Check your facts, Jo !

We checked back-dated issues only to find it was never accepted for publication. We speculate that Jack's reputation made him a poor candidate for help.

Really Jack, we always find you out sooner or later. I bet Jo Baggaley does not know about this - YET !

He never learns.

Secondly, a really pathetic attempt to deceive in one of his 'claim to fame' e mails.
On his former excuse for a website he drones on about selling a dog to Nick Cage as a pet for the famous actors son. May or may not be true, who cares.

He has now made up an e mail which gives the impression that he has received it from Cage recently. It mentions the horrible blog and gives the name of the dog, Ling and is signed 'Nick'. Just not at all convincing,- even to a four year old. I wonder if it still on the site or has it been whisked away?

Anyway, Jack you brightened up our day again. Yesterday was wet and grey until we checked the site. Then you brought a little light and a lot of laughter to us all.

Thanks for that but have you seen how the price of even your cheap rubbish dog food has gone up again?