Get more than you want at your local market

Jack is not dead yet.

He is busy trying to leave a lasting image of a fat, angry and hateful old man in the memories of anyone he meets.

He was seen in his No1 Market recently, the place where he is considering dumping a few of his unwanted dogs, at least there they will get food and socialisation.

Read this email from James & Oum. If you are easily offended, I would suggest you ask someone else to read the following letter on your behalf.


james here. please post the following account to the blog. no need for anonymity.
thanks, James


Thought id share a bit about the run-in Oum and I had with Jack Sterling at the market today(28/7/08). In a nutshell it consisted of typical jackass behavior: a lot of yelling, obscenities, threats and the like. Its funny how everything this guy spews out about the people he dislikes or doesnt agree with, which is just about everyone, are a dead on description of his own actions and character! Anyhow, the encounter didnt go any further than that as Oum and i simply left the scene leaving the jackass behind screaming.

Maybe youre wondering why Jack Sterling is so angry with Oum and I ? Well its simple and obvious to most. The version that Jack likes to tell is that I am a lying cheating scumbag etc. that stoled his "girlfriend" (the bitch whore cunt etc

In reality I did nothing to Jack to deserve those labels and Oum was not his girlfriend(he even said this to me in plain english: "she is not my girlfriend", and even went as far as asking me how anyone could be interested in a "fat slob" like that?). Jack is angry because I didnt help him to continue taking advantage of people, particularly Oum who he manipulated and cornered into being the sole caretaker of 80+ dogs. Oum was the life blood of Jack sterlings puppy mill operation in the sense that while she was there she did all she could to care for the dogs.

I know this because I was there for an entire month helping her care for the dogs and when I left so did Oum. Soon after our departure Jacks dogs were all sick, starving, or dying. People started to take notice and thats when this blog started.

After reading this youve probably got a lot more questions? Thats fine. If anyone would like to contact me you can email me at ive got a whole lot of first hand accounts/experience regarding jack sterling that im willing to share with anyone who is interested.

Well that certainly tells it like it is !