Chiang Mai Jack's Fan Club Email

This came to the blog today and how well this individual seems to know Jack! Sounds as if the writer is / was a friend.

Subject:We can't believe it!

Hey Jack,

Sorry but we all know you from way back.Nice try but you don't fool us buddy.So let's set the record straight.

You thought it thro' and are trying to clean up your image.You even photograph better now you took a shower.

Say nice things about the Thai people. Pretend you like 'em and treat 'em good. Keep your fat mouth shut and keep on smilin.Too late.

Feed the dogs up and paint the cages, soundproof the 'kennels'.Well good for them - but the damage is already done big style.But we have to give you marks for trying. AND WHY ARE YOU TRYING SO HARD? Because you are wiped out.It's over, you're finished and you know it. You bought cheap and sold high but it couldn't last.You're a greedy SOB and you got bit in the ass with your own teeth!

The woman you got a few weeks ago can't take any more. Bye, Khun Jack.Sure you paid her a high salary but it's the only way Thai folk will work for you.Even then they soon quit. They don't like what they see and hear from you or about you. Village talk and you cant understand or know what they say about you.

You never had much luck with the ladies now matter how you tried.And you had your share. They all let you down, says you, but they dont stay long with a cookoo like you. Crazy Jack on drugs. And still doin them now.

Its great to hear the pups are sold and one or two mutts are out of the state pen. They make great pets most times and it feeds the nice papa Jack story.

Had to smile some when I read you're starting TRD rescue.You! Sort your own place first. Always blame someone when things don't work out. Never papa Jack to blame.
How many folk now about your 2 in the local dog rescue shelter? Jack the dumper.Anyways anyplace will be fine as long as they're outta your way and costin YOU nothing. Shame on you again.

Your sicko pictures of cinders are not for family viewing.What sort of veterinarian allows people in taking shots when he's at work? Is this the poor guy you pretend is your new business partner?

You always say don't trust a Thai. Now this!! Don't know if to tell you to 'get something down on paper' or 'don't put your name on paper'.He looks like a young guy new to the game but he'd sure better be a quick learner with you around .

Anybody reads this will say it's trash and I wish I could do something to let them know I'm just an ordinary guy with a nice life but I need to tell all those people out there about you.

Your years of selling dogs out the back of the car, sell and drive away. The cruelty to animals still keeps on even from Thailand.Went to my neighborhood restaurant and they said it reads true what they put on the blog. You never stop. Even living near the kids home. Yes it rang a loud bell.


You were a wierd kid and nothing changes.They said the military would sort you out but they were wrong.Always a missfit. So don't pretend.You can't change.

Your last stand wont last. IT'S OVER. You cheated and badmouthed too many people now.They dont forget easy.You are a serial slanderer and now you cant expect people to treat you well - ever.

You are fighting for your life with this big last effort but it cant change all the bad things you did to so many folk.They are waiting on the sideline to cheer the blogger on and see you go down the pan for good.

If you need to mail the blog Jack, we can pass on the response.

New paint cannot hide Jack Sterlings past in Thailand or America

Paint those cages all you like Jack, the truth still remains, your puppy mill has seen some awful atrocities and the pain and bad spirit must be hanging like a fog over your life.

Dress up the facade of your life but it fails to hide the reality within.

That cough sounds serious, are you getting enough rest? Take a holiday... in fact, why not just leave town. is another site where Sterling advertises his mass produced puppies.


Hello Mary

We would like to bring your attention to the fact that Jack Sterling, AKA House of Sakorn has recently pleaded guilty to cruelty to a puppy which resulted in the puppy dying.

May we remind you that you are advertising him on your site and if readers of your site are not advised by you of his background, we believe we should make every effort to highlight his conviction to your prospective readers.

Of course, we will not make a song & dance of your site if you remove his advert.

For further information, please visit

Warm regards

For the Dogs !

Awaiting update

Discussions between SaveDogs and



We note the following advert and bring your attention to the blog which is highlighting the puppy mill practices of a convicted puppy abuser - Jack Sterling.

Please visit

Thank you for your time.

For the dogs !


Im actually glad you emailed. This rival between you and Jack has gone too far! You are involving us and we do not want to be a part of this. Somehow or another you have our award on this blog. Please remove this ASAP! Im not sure if this award was awarded to you or not, but if it was, it was in mistake. We do not promote blogs that slander any breeder. Ethical or unethical. That is not for us to judge. You are entitled to your opinion and free speach. Please do not involve us. We base our site on a complaint basis. As of right now, Jack does not have an account with us, nor any puppies listed for sale for that matter. He can have his business advertised in our breeders directory. We have never had 1 person who 1 on 1, purchased from Jack and complained to us. Facts or not, we wish not to be involved in this matter. Please remove anything associated with us from your website immediately.

Thank you for using

Hello and thank you for at least responding.

Firstly lets put the facts straight about your award. We merely placed a link with your site, by completing all the necessary process to to so and your automation judged the blog for an award. Something you should obviously review, if you are unhappy with people advertising your site without proper authorised control.

The use of the words 'rival' & 'slander' are an interesting choice. You perceive that we are competing with Sterling and using false information. The latter infers we operate without facts. This is untrue and our lawyers are our mediators with Thai Police. Evidence does not reach this blog without checking validity first.

Regarding the lack of complaints you base your opinion upon, we suggest you put yourselves in the shoes of a complainant. Firstly, Jack gets to know everything about a buyer before they see the dog. He then spends more than is necessary promoting his care for their future and builds a close liaison with the prospective buyer. This takes the form of email, messenger, web cam, phone etc. When something goes wrong, Jack bites hard and without concern for the buyer but for his reputation. After many of these in the years he has operated, forums and message boards have gone through terrible times with him. Some have banned him and some have increased their moderation overhead. Either way, he is a prolific abuser on line.

If you would like to receive first hand experience of his aggression, try asking him something regarding his conviction.

We are not in competition with Sterling but concerned for the welfare of the dogs he breeds. We were alerted by neighbours of him hanging dogs from trees, left to swing to die, he says because they are old and past their use for breeding. When people looked in his freezer, he had dogs their too, which he stated were put there to die as it was cheaper than a vet fee. When he then caused a puppy to have an infection by not taking proper precautions, he resorted to visit a vet but the puppy died enroute.

We are not the ones involving you in the 'promotion' of a blog. The blog is reporting that you are advertising Sterling as a breeder and prospective buyers are totally unaware of Sterlings treatment of puppies or of his conviction.

If you continue to advertise his name as a recognised breeder, without alerting readers of his background, then unfortunately we will need to act on behalf of the readers of your site, bearing in mind your agreement that we are entitled to free speech.

For the Dogs !
A (ex) customer Number 1 of NextDayPets

I just received an email from the Truth Blog regarding Jack Sterling, an infamous puppy miller in the TRD world. Your statement about competition being the root of this issue is utterly ridiculous.

Did you look at the Blog? Did you see the pictures? Did you read the accounts of the people who have obtained puppies from Jack Sterling? How can you just discount this information? I will answer my own question; it is easier for you to call it a lie – therefore, YOU AND YOUR ORAGANIZATON can go on business as usual and do NOTHING!

I am an advertiser on Next Day Pets! I also obtained 2 dogs from Jack Sterling that had multiple serious health conditions on their arrival to me that can be documented by medical records. One of the puppies had to be put down. I know of many people that have even worse experiences than mine. I am insulted at your implication!

After reading your letter to the Blog, I find your customer service skills utterly lacking, not to mention your contempt prior to investigation appalling. You didn’t even sign your name to your letter. I had to state who I was to register this complaint. I question the morals and ethics of a company that would answer a letter in such a fashion and stick their heads squarely in the sand such as you have.

I think your statement about competition speaks more to your mentality than anything we are striving to accomplish! DO NOT answer my email with such disrespect!
What are you talking about? We never mentioned anything about competition. We simply said we do not want to be involved in this battle between you and Jack. You have valid points as well as Jack. Our recommendation is for you two to handle this in a court matter. We are not a mediator and cannot offer any resolution in this matter. You have your opinion as well as jack has his. Jack has 0 puppies listed for sale on our site. If you purchased from our site from him back when, we never received a complaint.

Please direct your further complaints to your lawyer as we do not want to be involved.

Thank you for using
Customer Number 1
So you take no responsibility that your service may be pointing people to a source where they may be exposed to a puppy miller who sells unhealthy puppies with questionable business practices? That was what we have been trying to clue you about!

Myself and the Blog were thinking that you cared about protecting the public from unsavory sources. We would certainly not see you as any sort of mediator - you have the customer service skills of a bill collector! Here is the email I refer to.

Do you know what the word rivalry means? Try your spell check the next time you write to the public! Please keep in mind that there are agencies that frown upon companies that do not do diligence when advertising to the public.

We were warning you about this person whether he advertises with you or not at this point! Your attitude of "It's not my job" is apparent - "we're just here to make a buck!" Are you the same person that wrote the email below? I still have no idea who wrote either one of these emails because you don't sign them.
And another (ex) customer Number 2 of NextDayPets

Dear Breden:

I'm appalled that you would go to the depths that you have stooped to "support" Jack Sterling. You want the truth, here you go.

I purchased two dogs from Jack Sterling, both dogs came with Dermoid Sinus/Cysts which he said they did not have. I paid $4000.00 a piece for my two "breeding/show" bitches... He took the money, then screwed me w/papers, he then proceeded to name call and harass me for the last six years, because I started telling people about the truth of his practices. I was the one that looked like the bad guy. I didn't want to be associated w/a puppy miller, and thought that other people needed to hear the TRUTH.

If you want to support a puppy miller, you are no better than PETLAND! Why should we trust you, I thought your site was a place to EDUCATE people about the BREED, instead of just making money.


With people like you sticking your heads in the sand... no wonder the breed is dying in shelters, daily. He does not do rescue, like he "promotes" on his site he does. He's nothing but a cheat, and scam artist... and this just tells me that if you want to go on a allow people like him to advertise on your site, than you are no better than he.

I will be sure to never, ever recommend your website to ANYONE let alone pay you to advertise my dogs on your website!

So there we have it! sems to be no more than a money grabbing bunch of people looking to make a fast buck on the back of unsuspecting customers who they hope are niaive enough to take what they read on a their website to be in their interest and if anything goes wrong they will refer you to your lawyer.

Moral of this experience - Don't trust

Emails from SaveDogs to and the subsequent discussions between 'Jessica' who signs herself as Quality Manager for and then some very credible responses from Michael Healy (Animal Law Enforcement Officer - Florida)


Your terms and conditions includes the following paragraph:

k. intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable local, state, national or international law, including, but not limited to...

Can you please advise if being found guilty of cruelty to a puppy and causing it's death would constitute violation of this item?

If so, please be advised that Jack Sterling of House of Sakorn & a current advertiser with you, paid 1,000 Baht ( Thats about 30US$ but the maximum Thai law dictates for the offense ) on the 16 January 2008. Should you need evidence of this, please read the blog.

Should you wish to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact us. If we do not hear from you within a reasonable period we will have no choice but to emphasize this point on the blog without your input.

Warm regards

1st response from

Please provide the evidence in question so I can research it.

Quality Manager


1 Attachments:(Thai Typed Police report)
Please read the blog as requested in the previous email, where you will read the evidence you require.

Attached is the original scanned police report.

Please act upon this with haste.

Unfortunately, that attachment does not help me. First, according to your blog, you typed that up. Secondly, I have no way of knowing what that says.

Unfortunately, there is not anything I am able to do at this time.

Quality Manager

Why not send an email to Jack Sterling at any of these addresses

and ask him about the report, he has a copy of the same paper which came from the police and he actually signed for his copy. Our copy was likewise signed for. I take offense at the accusation that we "typed that up".

If folks do not read and write English, do I assume you immediately fail to trust them? Jack Sterling lives in Thailand, as we do. Thai Police do not write ( or speak ) English in this region.

So now you leave me no alternative but to publish your reluctance to take this matter seriously.

Jessica, say goodbye to some customers, we gave you plenty of chances to react positively about this.

Please ensure you read the blog tomorrow.

For the dogs !


I am sorry that you took offense at my email as it was not my intention to offend you. However, you stated on your blog that you have a "typed up report" from the original hand written report that you allude is not very legible by stating that your copy of the original makes "terrible reading".

I have sent an email to Mr. Sterling. At this point, you do not dictate the official report but give your synopsis of it. I am not able to read Thai and am not able to confirm what is written. There was no official document. If Mr. Sterling claims it says something different than what you claim, we are in a position of not knowing which is true. The document that you provided, does not appear to be an official document, however, I do not know how the authorities handle documentation in Thai.

If you wish to post that we are unable to confirm the validity of the claim against Mr. Sterling, you do have that right.

Quality Manager
Michael Healy (Animal Law Enforcement Officer - Florida)


As an animal law enforcement officer (nationally certified animal cruelty investigator) and an animal advocate for over twenty years, I find it disturbing that you and PuppyFind as a whole, being that you are its representative, show such a nonchalant attitude about a convicted animal abuser and continue to allow him to advertise on your site.

Considering the evidence you have been provided with, you have more than enough probable cause to pull Mr. Sterling's ads while you further investigate. It seems the problem is that you choose to not investigate at all, rather wait for somebody to personally deliver to you the original citation issued to Mr. Sterling along with a translator and law book that spells out what exactly cruelty is.

By continuing to support Mr. Sterling by running his ads, you have demonstrated that you also support the beating and torture of dogs for profit. It is obvious that PuppyFind is no different than Mr. Sterling himself in that you are only concerned with the almighty dollar, regardless of what inhumanities take place behind closed doors to make it.

Shame on you and the organization that you represent. By your actions, you will lose more customers and, more importantly, any credibility that PuppyFind may have once had.


Michael Healy
Palm Bay, Florida

We have not refused to investigate and we were not provided proof of animal
cruelty. I was given a picture of a "typed up report"(per the blog). I did try
to get it translated on my end and was unsuccessful. I did not ask for a law
book, etc. I did say that I was not able to read it and that according to the
blog in question (the only "evidence" I have been given is the blog itself)the
original was hand written and didn't make for "good reading".

I have not been able to find anything in my own investigation. We are a small
company and so a home visit to a seller in Thai is not something we are able to
do. We do rely on reports from regulating agencies, newspaper clippings, police
reports, etc. I also did let the blog owner know that I did send an inquiry to
the seller in question about the synopsis given of the report on the blog.

When I was originally contacted by the blog owner, I did tell them that we would
look into the House of Sakorn, but that the blog itself was not considered proof
of wrong-doing. I did state in my original email that it has been our
experience in the past that blogs and/or forums are not always truthful in their
claims. This has been our experience in the past and I am not contributing this
to the blog in question, however, it is why I am not able to accept just the
blog as proof. It is unfortunate but others have abused this process.

I also did let the blog owner know that those who had purchased from House Of
Sakorn, could leave a review of their experience. According to the blog, there
have been a number of people who have complained about House Of Sakorn dogs. I
did state, however, that our policy on reviews is to ask for proof of purchase.
No one has left a negative review for the seller.

This seller has been utilizing this website since 2003 without history of
complaint, which is highly unusual for a puppymill to have happen. I deal with
the reviews on a daily basis and individuals put up negative reviews for even
minor issues, and we have found and banned many puppymills through this process.
However, the account under Jack Sterling has not received a negative review.

Puppyfind absolutely does not support the torture of dogs and to glean that from
this situation is inappropriate.

I have explained the situation and what we are up against in regards to being
able to ban Mr. Sterling. I had offered the review system to the original blog
owner to be utilized by those that have purchased a puppy from Mr. Sterling and
was not taken up on that offer. We are doing all we can at this time and I am
sorry that you see it differently.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Quality Manager
Michael Healy


It seems obvious to me that your reply is nothing more than a laundry list of excuses for continuing to help a convicted animal abuser sell puppies. You say that people are able to and should have left a review on your web site. Would you handle things differently if the accusations being made were done so on your web site review instead of the blog? Is that the "proof" you are looking for or would you also tell those people that you do not have enough evidence to pull his advertising?

Did you bother to look at the pictures of Mr. Sterling's facility? Did you not see the dogs stacked in wire cages, emaciated dogs with their bones showing through their skin, and dogs with cuts and sores on them? Is that "not enough evidence" to stop running an advertisement until further investigation has been done and more "evidence" has been collected?

Since I doubt you have a legal dictionary handy, Webster's dictionary defines probably cause as "reasonable grounds for presuming guilt in someone charged with a crime." As an animal law enforcement officer, I can assure you that the evidence that has been submitted to you is sufficient probable cause to take action. If he were in the United States of America it would be enough probable cause to obtain a search warrant. I did not ask you to "ban" Mr. Sterling. I asked that you temporarily remove his advertisements from your web site until you have appropriately looked into the complaints made, whether on a blog or your own web site makes no difference.

Additionally, if the statements being made about Mr. Sterling being convicted of animal abuse were not factual, he would have a case of slander against the person(s) responsible for the blog. He is aware of what is being said and he refuses to respond to anyone, including you, about the allegations. Why is that? Do innocent, upstanding, reputable people just sit back and allow such horrible things to be said about them without a single word to defend themselves?

This is not one disgruntled person trying to get back at somebody. There is a large group of people who are concerned about these dogs and the fact that Mr. Sterling was convicted of abusing a dog, yet you stand behind your excuse of "not enough evidence." Well I stand behind my original statement that PuppyFind is no different than Mr. Sterling himself in that your first priority is money, regardless of what inhumanities take place behind closed doors to make it.

You are allowing, actually helping this man to make profit off of the abuse of animals while you wait for more evidence. You absolutely have the legal right to pull his ads until further investigation has been completed but instead you have taken the easy route by sticking your head in the sand and hoping it will just go away. You may be a "small company" but I would hope you have some kind of connection to a lawyer. Maybe you should have him/her review the complaints and then explain to you that you can and should discontinue your service to Jack Sterling.


Michael Healy

Puppy Adverts

Various puppy advertising companies on the net are aware of Jack Sterling's conviction for cruelty yet none of them respect the customers right to know, before progressing with their purchase of a puppy.

Little Boys

Recently we looked over the back fence of Jack Sterlings House of Sakorn rented accomodation, from within the grounds of the Children's Shelter Home Union for boys.

Any alarm bells ringing for anyone?

We found some very interesting information.

Jack's Records - Who's yer Daddy?

No not the vinyl one that is stuck or the conviction for that matter but the easy come easy go record system he keeps about which dogs mate and produce his pups.

Having read various forums discussing how House of Sakorn puppy pedigree's are not worth the paper they are written on, I found a particular thread from a disenchanted recipient of one of Sterlings pups.

After learning from Sterling directly, that the puppy was from a litter on a certain date and from a mother known as Layla (Sterling's Clapton phase) and the father was one named dog, it transpires from Sterlings own website that in fact there were 4 possible fathers of the puppy, as Sterling had messed up his facts to make a good story.

If you are going to lie, you must have a good tongue... otherwise it will speak the truth before your brain tells it what to say.

If you know anything of Jack, you know that his tongue is not connected to his brain all the time.

Jack Sterling is Guilty but joins the list

In case it is not obvious and to save you from reading the rest of this site (blog), Jack Sterling operates a puppy mill in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where until recently he had over 100 teenage & adult dogs that were left over from too many litters and many were not of pet or salable quality. He also had over 40 puppies and their health was priority 1 for Sterling as they are his livelihood, so the adults were forced to go without food, only being fed 2 - 3 times a week.

His factory was reminiscent of a prison with cages stacked row after row and dogs kept inside without essential socialisation and exercise.

Neighbours alerted the police on several occasions regarding dogs left hanging to die in his garden tree and eventually a local animal welfare group managed to motivate the justice system to bring about a charge for a case of cruelty to a puppy which resulted in it's death.

There are no government or other active agencies effectively chasing cruelty cases in Thailand and the organisations that exist in many western countries , RSPCA, ASPCA etc. just do not exist. Legislation in fact is so inadequate that to be caught smoking in a public place, or throwing away a cigarette end, attracts a fine of approximately 60$US. Cruelty to animals attracts a fine of just 30$US.

On 16 January, Jack Sterling pleaded guilty to a charge made against him the previous December and paid the fine of 30$US. (Neither of the advertisers will accept this, despite the posting of the official Thai Police report)

This week he turned 61 and is still intending to operate his puppy mill, just as he has in the USA & now in Thailand for the past 15 years. Of course he will, it's a lucrative business.

And that's where the likes of, & now enter this story.Sadly, despite writing & corresponding with, & now, regarding Sterling's conviction, each site continues to advertise Jack Sterling - House of Sakorn as a breeder.

These adverts do not advise potential customers of Jack Sterlings conviction for cruelty and other background information which they might wish to know before entering into a life long contract with Jack Sterling, following their initial contact with him.

TRDTruth is not about closing down the puppy breeding market or against breeders. Puppies bred in moderation, by the majority of breeders throughout the world, are not puppy mills. But Jack Sterling is churning out so many puppies and as a consequence, he has flooded & spoiled the market for many other Thai Ridgeback breeders in Thailand & Internationally.

Furthermore, he has caused a more serious problem locally. There are already too many dogs on the streets of Thailand where he is generating many non pet quality dogs that will inevitably end up either being dumped by him at a temple, with a willing vet or just left on a street at night to find it's way in life. In the past, he has even tried dispatching non salable ones as gifts to unsuspecting customers, only to find they have birth defects or other problems they did not buy into when ordering just 1 puppy from him.

If you feel strongly about animal welfare, the future of any dog or the ethics of allowing Jack Sterling to continue to operate a puppy mill, say something, do something, do not just turn away, hoping nobody saw you turning away, to leave the future unchanged.

It's still very quiet at the House Of Scorn

The money's in the bank from the sale of Cristel's puppy and she's gone home.

Jack's not doing much on the forum these days either. It's reduced to non-funny jokes of 2 years ago because he's out of the Thai Ridgeback world now. He's yesterdays man.

All those unplanned litters with poor quality dogs have not helped. But not to worry because on his site he has had a little pat on the back. He has promoted himself from miller to hobby breeder. Nice hobby !

It's not like papa Jack to keep so quiet, so Leung told a couple of the team to have a look around to see what's new. Much better now, Jack. All those heaps of cages are gone but there are also quite a lot of missing dogs too. Where are they now? Jack has the answer but it's not a pretty story, is it, Jack?

We worry because it's not like Jack to be so clean and tidy.

He started improving before the visit of Sabrina but it still was not good enough for the famous super-clean Swiss miss. She cleaned away all the years of filth and we are sure the dogs are happier now. By the way Jack, did you know she was a veterinarian with the Swiss army?

The place got another make-over before Cristel came. Lucky she did not stay too long because Jack can';t keep up the big act for much more than a week.

It's a lot more like a mill than a sewer these days, which is great. But there's still a long way to go before it's acceptable. Jack does not allow visitors to see the concentration camp round the back because they must not see the reality that stares them in the face.

Jack's on a mission. Mission impossible !

His markets have almost dried up and the bad publicity is growing. Too many dogs and not enough 'forever homes'. It's getting tough for the good quality breeders, so just think how bad it is going to be for the ones like Jack who have lost their way because they are only in it for the money. The evidence is on his own site. A hand-full of good dogs bred by other people and a sad list of pet quality mutts. Not much to show for a lifetime 'in dogs'. And it's only going to get worse in the future.

So what lies ahead for poor papa Jack?

Mmm doesn't look too rosy. He's fat and old. That cough can be heard right across the fields. Soon he'll become unsteady on his feet. Mind those steep wooden steps up to 'computerland'. Years of smoking you-know-what have left him unbalanced and his mood swings are getting more noticeable and more frequent. And he's still doing the Thai stuff. Hope it's not a bad batch!

The wizard has lost his magic and nearly all his friends. His landlord really likes him. Oh, yeah! The neighbours do too. They really will miss his cheerful face, his generosity and the long chats when he's fled the area. Even his lawyer has had enough and he's getting paid to listen,- or so he thinks !

Pressure from all sides is sending good old Jack back on the road again. Where this time? It doesn't really matter for now because we'll always be able to find him. The long trail to his front door isn't hard to follow if you've got so many people in this part of the world taking an interest.

Hey, Jack !

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. All the time in the world for us just to sit and wait until you're up and running before we pay you a visit. Trick or treat, Jack? It's Halloween any day for us.

Now, get off the computer and get some work done. Times running out. Get off your fat butt and feed those dogs. - Sterling TRD

Dear readers, it transpires that Jack Sterling has been using to launder his pups since 2003.

It would seem administrators of, have reacted to requests from various sources around the globe, that they remove Sterling's adverts from their site, by donning a cloak of denial, flapping in a manner of not knowing quite what to do with this 'Hot Potato' and attempting to prolong the issue by stalling.

How many hits is getting every day, looking for the ideal pet puppy, hoping to find a healthy and balanced puppy to join their family.

How many of those folks hitting realise that Jack Sterling, the wizard behind the facade of House of Sakorn, is a puppy miller who has been convicted of cruelty to a puppy, causing it to die. How many of those folks seeking a healthy balanced puppy from, know the background of Sterling TRD?

If Sterling were operating in America, (answers on a post card regarding why he is no longer?) he would be heavily fined, banned and even imprisoned before now, for what he has managed to get away with in Thailand.

Laws in the home countries of the majority of this blogs readership, are quite different to those found in Thailand. Jack Sterling has just proved the true value of animals as they are considered by Thai legislation. He was fined the maximum penalty, 1,000 baht (approx US$30) on the eve of the Thailand wide smoking ban in public which if enforced is punishable with a 2,000 baht penalty.

Jack Sterling has sold puppies to people living in Thailand but the majority of his business is abroad. America, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, England to name a few. These countries would have locked him up by now if not banning him from being able to even keep a dog. Yet an international organisation such as is prepared to allow the propagation of his business, whilst living within one of those countries. Ethical?

Well Jessica, you have an ultimatum with you from several parties now. You can withdraw Sterling's adverts or be considered by the world as operating an unethical website, trading puppy milled puppies. ( ??)

Can we respectfully suggest you react in a positive and proactive fashion to these requests and demonstrate that your site does not support the actions of Jack Sterling, a convicted abuser of puppies.

Ooooooh looks like a turf war

Now Jack's fighting with his best mate Sabrina. What is he after? Revenge? It's quite unclear from his ranting on his 1 man 1 author forum, whether he is upset or just pointing out a recent experience.

Still if he stole her website design then I guess she must feel slightly miffed.

Seems the old slogan "WE AT ATRA SUPPORT EACH OTHER IN SELLING OUR PUPPIES" maybe losing it's appeal.

On another note, that Christel sounds a brave girl.

Institutionalised - Jack Sterling TRD

Notice anything strange about this photo? Apart from the fact that there are so many adults / teenagers in a caged run at a puppy factory?

Yep there are no puppies in the pic, ok now look closer.

Do you see any communication going on? This pic was taken by a complete stranger to the dogs, someone they had never met before.

is a term that might be used to explain the lack of communication within this group of desperate and sad animals. It's exercise hour at the state penitentiary, freedom from the slammer for just an hour, so what now? How do I chat & converse with another? How do I laugh & play, how do I relax or even behave.

Here is another. Notice anyone having anything on their face apart from a dazed, institutionalised mask?

Jack is following his hero - Capanetto

I just love it when gems like this jump off the pages of Jack's site.

This extract is taken from various self praise items around September 2001. Seems like he had a near scare back then and made good on the back of someone else's misfortune.

Great news For sure! The only reason for my breeding 7 litters in 7 years was to tell and show all people about this Thai Ridgeback Dog breed and also about the crooked ways of John Sebasino Capanetto. Finally, after seven long years, he might have been stopped by you folks. All mention of him will be aired on my web site for years to come. I hope we never have to deal with people like John Caponetto and his partner in New Jersey, Thomas "Mick" Michael Latimer. These two guys were the worst thing that could have happened to this breed. I hope only the "right" people now start to mend the damaged cause by these two guys. There are still several people who have started into the TRD world but I hope they are not going down the same path as these two guys did. God Bless all four of you pet owners in your fight to rid the dog world of these people. Now I can really enjoy my pets and hope the new people in this breed will do the right thing!

There's a green house over yonder

Better clear out that stash this year Jack, you never know who might knock on ya door!

I was in Thailand and I was about to take that "trip" for both Wavey and Janis as I told my new Thai friends here who had no idea they were with a super stoned 60 year old rock'n'roller..

They pulled out some huge chucks of killer "Thai skunk" and my 60th birthday party was well underway.. The paper proved awesome and my 42 year old bottes of California red CS wine was taken as if it was the last communion... Hey you are only 30 once and only 60 once.. I had two of the best days ever on both days..

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Thanks for the publicity Jack

So if anyone puts in those 3 lovely words "Jack Sterling Blog" the following comes up!!

Seems the self publicizing forum is also doing great work for this blog!!

There is at last a complaint lodged with and thankfully they are taking it seriously.

To allow a breeder such as House of Sakorn to advertise with a reputable agency whilst performing like a puppy mill and harassing & bullying all others who question his standards is surely not something will entertain.

Lets hope the evidence emanating from Thai Police ( and to be posted on the blog this week ) will secure the removal of his advert.