Jack's Records - Who's yer Daddy?

No not the vinyl one that is stuck or the conviction for that matter but the easy come easy go record system he keeps about which dogs mate and produce his pups.

Having read various forums discussing how House of Sakorn puppy pedigree's are not worth the paper they are written on, I found a particular thread from a disenchanted recipient of one of Sterlings pups.

After learning from Sterling directly, that the puppy was from a litter on a certain date and from a mother known as Layla (Sterling's Clapton phase) and the father was one named dog, it transpires from Sterlings own website that in fact there were 4 possible fathers of the puppy, as Sterling had messed up his facts to make a good story.

If you are going to lie, you must have a good tongue... otherwise it will speak the truth before your brain tells it what to say.

If you know anything of Jack, you know that his tongue is not connected to his brain all the time.