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We note the following advert and bring your attention to the blog which is highlighting the puppy mill practices of a convicted puppy abuser - Jack Sterling.

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Thank you for your time.

For the dogs !


Im actually glad you emailed. This rival between you and Jack has gone too far! You are involving us and we do not want to be a part of this. Somehow or another you have our award on this blog. Please remove this ASAP! Im not sure if this award was awarded to you or not, but if it was, it was in mistake. We do not promote blogs that slander any breeder. Ethical or unethical. That is not for us to judge. You are entitled to your opinion and free speach. Please do not involve us. We base our site on a complaint basis. As of right now, Jack does not have an account with us, nor any puppies listed for sale for that matter. He can have his business advertised in our breeders directory. We have never had 1 person who 1 on 1, purchased from Jack and complained to us. Facts or not, we wish not to be involved in this matter. Please remove anything associated with us from your website immediately.

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Hello and thank you for at least responding.

Firstly lets put the facts straight about your award. We merely placed a link with your site, by completing all the necessary process to to so and your automation judged the blog for an award. Something you should obviously review, if you are unhappy with people advertising your site without proper authorised control.

The use of the words 'rival' & 'slander' are an interesting choice. You perceive that we are competing with Sterling and using false information. The latter infers we operate without facts. This is untrue and our lawyers are our mediators with Thai Police. Evidence does not reach this blog without checking validity first.

Regarding the lack of complaints you base your opinion upon, we suggest you put yourselves in the shoes of a complainant. Firstly, Jack gets to know everything about a buyer before they see the dog. He then spends more than is necessary promoting his care for their future and builds a close liaison with the prospective buyer. This takes the form of email, messenger, web cam, phone etc. When something goes wrong, Jack bites hard and without concern for the buyer but for his reputation. After many of these in the years he has operated, forums and message boards have gone through terrible times with him. Some have banned him and some have increased their moderation overhead. Either way, he is a prolific abuser on line.

If you would like to receive first hand experience of his aggression, try asking him something regarding his conviction.

We are not in competition with Sterling but concerned for the welfare of the dogs he breeds. We were alerted by neighbours of him hanging dogs from trees, left to swing to die, he says because they are old and past their use for breeding. When people looked in his freezer, he had dogs their too, which he stated were put there to die as it was cheaper than a vet fee. When he then caused a puppy to have an infection by not taking proper precautions, he resorted to visit a vet but the puppy died enroute.

We are not the ones involving you in the 'promotion' of a blog. The blog is reporting that you are advertising Sterling as a breeder and prospective buyers are totally unaware of Sterlings treatment of puppies or of his conviction.

If you continue to advertise his name as a recognised breeder, without alerting readers of his background, then unfortunately we will need to act on behalf of the readers of your site, bearing in mind your agreement that we are entitled to free speech.

For the Dogs !
A (ex) customer Number 1 of NextDayPets

I just received an email from the Truth Blog regarding Jack Sterling, an infamous puppy miller in the TRD world. Your statement about competition being the root of this issue is utterly ridiculous.

Did you look at the Blog? Did you see the pictures? Did you read the accounts of the people who have obtained puppies from Jack Sterling? How can you just discount this information? I will answer my own question; it is easier for you to call it a lie – therefore, YOU AND YOUR ORAGANIZATON can go on business as usual and do NOTHING!

I am an advertiser on Next Day Pets! I also obtained 2 dogs from Jack Sterling that had multiple serious health conditions on their arrival to me that can be documented by medical records. One of the puppies had to be put down. I know of many people that have even worse experiences than mine. I am insulted at your implication!

After reading your letter to the Blog, I find your customer service skills utterly lacking, not to mention your contempt prior to investigation appalling. You didn’t even sign your name to your letter. I had to state who I was to register this complaint. I question the morals and ethics of a company that would answer a letter in such a fashion and stick their heads squarely in the sand such as you have.

I think your statement about competition speaks more to your mentality than anything we are striving to accomplish! DO NOT answer my email with such disrespect!
What are you talking about? We never mentioned anything about competition. We simply said we do not want to be involved in this battle between you and Jack. You have valid points as well as Jack. Our recommendation is for you two to handle this in a court matter. We are not a mediator and cannot offer any resolution in this matter. You have your opinion as well as jack has his. Jack has 0 puppies listed for sale on our site. If you purchased from our site from him back when, we never received a complaint.

Please direct your further complaints to your lawyer as we do not want to be involved.

Thank you for using
Customer Number 1
So you take no responsibility that your service may be pointing people to a source where they may be exposed to a puppy miller who sells unhealthy puppies with questionable business practices? That was what we have been trying to clue you about!

Myself and the Blog were thinking that you cared about protecting the public from unsavory sources. We would certainly not see you as any sort of mediator - you have the customer service skills of a bill collector! Here is the email I refer to.

Do you know what the word rivalry means? Try your spell check the next time you write to the public! Please keep in mind that there are agencies that frown upon companies that do not do diligence when advertising to the public.

We were warning you about this person whether he advertises with you or not at this point! Your attitude of "It's not my job" is apparent - "we're just here to make a buck!" Are you the same person that wrote the email below? I still have no idea who wrote either one of these emails because you don't sign them.
And another (ex) customer Number 2 of NextDayPets

Dear Breden:

I'm appalled that you would go to the depths that you have stooped to "support" Jack Sterling. You want the truth, here you go.

I purchased two dogs from Jack Sterling, both dogs came with Dermoid Sinus/Cysts which he said they did not have. I paid $4000.00 a piece for my two "breeding/show" bitches... He took the money, then screwed me w/papers, he then proceeded to name call and harass me for the last six years, because I started telling people about the truth of his practices. I was the one that looked like the bad guy. I didn't want to be associated w/a puppy miller, and thought that other people needed to hear the TRUTH.

If you want to support a puppy miller, you are no better than PETLAND! Why should we trust you, I thought your site was a place to EDUCATE people about the BREED, instead of just making money.


With people like you sticking your heads in the sand... no wonder the breed is dying in shelters, daily. He does not do rescue, like he "promotes" on his site he does. He's nothing but a cheat, and scam artist... and this just tells me that if you want to go on a allow people like him to advertise on your site, than you are no better than he.

I will be sure to never, ever recommend your website to ANYONE let alone pay you to advertise my dogs on your website!

So there we have it! sems to be no more than a money grabbing bunch of people looking to make a fast buck on the back of unsuspecting customers who they hope are niaive enough to take what they read on a their website to be in their interest and if anything goes wrong they will refer you to your lawyer.

Moral of this experience - Don't trust