Puppyfind.com - Sterling TRD

Dear readers, it transpires that Jack Sterling has been using puppyfind.com to launder his pups since 2003.

It would seem administrators of puppyfind.com, have reacted to requests from various sources around the globe, that they remove Sterling's adverts from their site, by donning a cloak of denial, flapping in a manner of not knowing quite what to do with this 'Hot Potato' and attempting to prolong the issue by stalling.

How many hits is puppyfind.com getting every day, looking for the ideal pet puppy, hoping to find a healthy and balanced puppy to join their family.

How many of those folks hitting puppyfind.com realise that Jack Sterling, the wizard behind the facade of House of Sakorn, is a puppy miller who has been convicted of cruelty to a puppy, causing it to die. How many of those folks seeking a healthy balanced puppy from puppyfind.com, know the background of Sterling TRD?

If Sterling were operating in America, (answers on a post card regarding why he is no longer?) he would be heavily fined, banned and even imprisoned before now, for what he has managed to get away with in Thailand.

Laws in the home countries of the majority of this blogs readership, are quite different to those found in Thailand. Jack Sterling has just proved the true value of animals as they are considered by Thai legislation. He was fined the maximum penalty, 1,000 baht (approx US$30) on the eve of the Thailand wide smoking ban in public which if enforced is punishable with a 2,000 baht penalty.

Jack Sterling has sold puppies to people living in Thailand but the majority of his business is abroad. America, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, England to name a few. These countries would have locked him up by now if not banning him from being able to even keep a dog. Yet an international organisation such as puppyfind.com is prepared to allow the propagation of his business, whilst living within one of those countries. Ethical?

Well Jessica, you have an ultimatum with you from several parties now. You can withdraw Sterling's adverts or be considered by the world as operating an unethical website, trading puppy milled puppies. (puppymill.com ??)

Can we respectfully suggest you react in a positive and proactive fashion to these requests and demonstrate that your site does not support the actions of Jack Sterling, a convicted abuser of puppies.