Chiang Mai Jack's Fan Club Email

This came to the blog today and how well this individual seems to know Jack! Sounds as if the writer is / was a friend.

Subject:We can't believe it!

Hey Jack,

Sorry but we all know you from way back.Nice try but you don't fool us buddy.So let's set the record straight.

You thought it thro' and are trying to clean up your image.You even photograph better now you took a shower.

Say nice things about the Thai people. Pretend you like 'em and treat 'em good. Keep your fat mouth shut and keep on smilin.Too late.

Feed the dogs up and paint the cages, soundproof the 'kennels'.Well good for them - but the damage is already done big style.But we have to give you marks for trying. AND WHY ARE YOU TRYING SO HARD? Because you are wiped out.It's over, you're finished and you know it. You bought cheap and sold high but it couldn't last.You're a greedy SOB and you got bit in the ass with your own teeth!

The woman you got a few weeks ago can't take any more. Bye, Khun Jack.Sure you paid her a high salary but it's the only way Thai folk will work for you.Even then they soon quit. They don't like what they see and hear from you or about you. Village talk and you cant understand or know what they say about you.

You never had much luck with the ladies now matter how you tried.And you had your share. They all let you down, says you, but they dont stay long with a cookoo like you. Crazy Jack on drugs. And still doin them now.

Its great to hear the pups are sold and one or two mutts are out of the state pen. They make great pets most times and it feeds the nice papa Jack story.

Had to smile some when I read you're starting TRD rescue.You! Sort your own place first. Always blame someone when things don't work out. Never papa Jack to blame.
How many folk now about your 2 in the local dog rescue shelter? Jack the dumper.Anyways anyplace will be fine as long as they're outta your way and costin YOU nothing. Shame on you again.

Your sicko pictures of cinders are not for family viewing.What sort of veterinarian allows people in taking shots when he's at work? Is this the poor guy you pretend is your new business partner?

You always say don't trust a Thai. Now this!! Don't know if to tell you to 'get something down on paper' or 'don't put your name on paper'.He looks like a young guy new to the game but he'd sure better be a quick learner with you around .

Anybody reads this will say it's trash and I wish I could do something to let them know I'm just an ordinary guy with a nice life but I need to tell all those people out there about you.

Your years of selling dogs out the back of the car, sell and drive away. The cruelty to animals still keeps on even from Thailand.Went to my neighborhood restaurant and they said it reads true what they put on the blog. You never stop. Even living near the kids home. Yes it rang a loud bell.


You were a wierd kid and nothing changes.They said the military would sort you out but they were wrong.Always a missfit. So don't pretend.You can't change.

Your last stand wont last. IT'S OVER. You cheated and badmouthed too many people now.They dont forget easy.You are a serial slanderer and now you cant expect people to treat you well - ever.

You are fighting for your life with this big last effort but it cant change all the bad things you did to so many folk.They are waiting on the sideline to cheer the blogger on and see you go down the pan for good.

If you need to mail the blog Jack, we can pass on the response.