Jack is following his hero - Capanetto

I just love it when gems like this jump off the pages of Jack's site.

This extract is taken from various self praise items around September 2001. Seems like he had a near scare back then and made good on the back of someone else's misfortune.

Great news For sure! The only reason for my breeding 7 litters in 7 years was to tell and show all people about this Thai Ridgeback Dog breed and also about the crooked ways of John Sebasino Capanetto. Finally, after seven long years, he might have been stopped by you folks. All mention of him will be aired on my web site for years to come. I hope we never have to deal with people like John Caponetto and his partner in New Jersey, Thomas "Mick" Michael Latimer. These two guys were the worst thing that could have happened to this breed. I hope only the "right" people now start to mend the damaged cause by these two guys. There are still several people who have started into the TRD world but I hope they are not going down the same path as these two guys did. God Bless all four of you pet owners in your fight to rid the dog world of these people. Now I can really enjoy my pets and hope the new people in this breed will do the right thing!