It's still very quiet at the House Of Scorn

The money's in the bank from the sale of Cristel's puppy and she's gone home.

Jack's not doing much on the forum these days either. It's reduced to non-funny jokes of 2 years ago because he's out of the Thai Ridgeback world now. He's yesterdays man.

All those unplanned litters with poor quality dogs have not helped. But not to worry because on his site he has had a little pat on the back. He has promoted himself from miller to hobby breeder. Nice hobby !

It's not like papa Jack to keep so quiet, so Leung told a couple of the team to have a look around to see what's new. Much better now, Jack. All those heaps of cages are gone but there are also quite a lot of missing dogs too. Where are they now? Jack has the answer but it's not a pretty story, is it, Jack?

We worry because it's not like Jack to be so clean and tidy.

He started improving before the visit of Sabrina but it still was not good enough for the famous super-clean Swiss miss. She cleaned away all the years of filth and we are sure the dogs are happier now. By the way Jack, did you know she was a veterinarian with the Swiss army?

The place got another make-over before Cristel came. Lucky she did not stay too long because Jack can';t keep up the big act for much more than a week.

It's a lot more like a mill than a sewer these days, which is great. But there's still a long way to go before it's acceptable. Jack does not allow visitors to see the concentration camp round the back because they must not see the reality that stares them in the face.

Jack's on a mission. Mission impossible !

His markets have almost dried up and the bad publicity is growing. Too many dogs and not enough 'forever homes'. It's getting tough for the good quality breeders, so just think how bad it is going to be for the ones like Jack who have lost their way because they are only in it for the money. The evidence is on his own site. A hand-full of good dogs bred by other people and a sad list of pet quality mutts. Not much to show for a lifetime 'in dogs'. And it's only going to get worse in the future.

So what lies ahead for poor papa Jack?

Mmm doesn't look too rosy. He's fat and old. That cough can be heard right across the fields. Soon he'll become unsteady on his feet. Mind those steep wooden steps up to 'computerland'. Years of smoking you-know-what have left him unbalanced and his mood swings are getting more noticeable and more frequent. And he's still doing the Thai stuff. Hope it's not a bad batch!

The wizard has lost his magic and nearly all his friends. His landlord really likes him. Oh, yeah! The neighbours do too. They really will miss his cheerful face, his generosity and the long chats when he's fled the area. Even his lawyer has had enough and he's getting paid to listen,- or so he thinks !

Pressure from all sides is sending good old Jack back on the road again. Where this time? It doesn't really matter for now because we'll always be able to find him. The long trail to his front door isn't hard to follow if you've got so many people in this part of the world taking an interest.

Hey, Jack !

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. All the time in the world for us just to sit and wait until you're up and running before we pay you a visit. Trick or treat, Jack? It's Halloween any day for us.

Now, get off the computer and get some work done. Times running out. Get off your fat butt and feed those dogs.