Chiang Mai Jack

Another email to the blog

Unfortunately Jack has many different 'faces' and most of them unattractive.Once the initial facade slips his true character is revealed. You are seeing him in 'begging for help' mode.

The aim of the blog is both to highlight his bad 'breeding' practices and his total lack of any concept of the way most of us behave towards each other and to animals in our care. He is uncaring towards his dogs. Did you know that many dogs at the Farm have bought from other dealers and breeders to order.

The talk of the careful and controlled breeding of these lovely dogs is not and never has been true. There have, we understand, been instances involving humane societies in USA BEFORE HE CAME HERE. We have information from people in America about Jack, who are still only willing to reveal their experiences to us on condition of absolute anonymity because of his aggressive behaviour towards them in the past.

His big complaint is that a Thai female, who lived with him for 3 years, allowed the dogs to breed when Jack was out of Thailand. He refuses to acknowledge responsibility for anything which goes wrong. These 11 litters were born during the last months of 2007 and the early months of this year. Several died of neglect (pneumonia and insufficient food and care) in their first weeks of life and were the focus of the cruelty case for which Jack was fined. Most of these young dogs are no longer there.

The 50 plus animals he is trying to re-home are much older than these puppies. Clearly, the situation has been going on for a long time. In the past he allowed indiscriminate breeding in the hope of producing one or two good quality pups and selling the remainder as best he could.

Sterling breeds to make his living. We have said before that we do not have a problem with dog breeders as such but his dogs are merely commodities to be bought and sold.

It is very sad and we do not like these magnificent animals to be caged day in day out, without anything but the most basic needs. Poor food, no socialization and not even a piece of rag to lie on and to cover the hard plastic and metal 'beds' . They are briefly released for a short time when he hoses out the steel pens which are their world and then they are quickly returned to their cells.

Workers will not stay with him for more than a few weeks, as his personality is so loud and aggressive both to them and to the animals.

If you are able to help Sterling in his efforts to re-home his dogs, then please do so. If we thought people were finding a place in their hearts and homes for the prisoners then we would feel that the blog had served its purpose.

Saying this, it is a situation in which Sterling has found himself before and, in his attempt to make a living through indiscriminate breeding, will find himself again before very long.