Thai Ridgeback Dogs need help

But do they need Jack Sterling (or what ever his real name is) to breed so many in such poor conditions and then sell un-neutered dogs, to allow other people around the world to do just the same.

Essentially the problem is greed and ignorance.

In Thailand & especially Chiang Mai, where Sterling is currently breeding, there are so many dogs on the streets, homeless and in need of care and love but due to basic human emotions of people world wide, there is a demand for puppies as they are cute and cuddly. Some say it's like a baby substitute and there is therefore a puppy mill / factory / farm industry business opportunity available for willing people to make money from other peoples desires.

Sterling has set up his operation behind a high front gate & fence on a rented plot of land with a house that masks the truth behind it. Literally.

The cages are stacked one on top of another in prison cell style, row after row. The poor dogs are institutionalized from their captivity within these cages and their life is a misery day in, day out.

There are separate areas set aside for puppies but these are just as appalling.

Currently there are in excess of 100 dogs held in this condition and due to either financial status or workload, the dogs seem to only get fed every 2 days. Therefore the general conditions of the dogs are underweight and weak.

The purpose of this blog is to demonstrate the truth behind what Sterling presents to the world... A bright & healthy picture of what in reality is a shady and squalid sad story.