Jack Sterling - Thai Ridgeback Dogs

Now if you check out his site, you will see an endless drivel about how much he loves and cares for dogs. Daddy loves his children type stuff.

But did you ever hear about a parent keeping their children in cramped & confined conditions? Did you ever hear about a parent only feeding there children every other day? Worse still... did you every hear about a parent putting their children in the freezer to die?

It happens and there are many people & organizations fighting the cause and courts around the world see cases come to trial regarding such events. Most of the perpetrators are locked up we hope but the character and the memory of the child are affected for their life and indeed they serve a life sentence themselves.

This blog is not raising awareness of children in danger. This blog is all about the poor creatures who are suffering at the hands of Jack Sterling, a breeder of Thai Ridgeback Dogs living in Thailand, after running away from America (and who knows where else?).

He has a number of pages on the web that seem to run on & on & on (a common theme but more of that later) about the dogs, the process of buying and the apparent satisfaction customers have scribed to him.

If you visit this link... you will be able to read, apart from a whole load of rubbish about what he thinks prospective buyers want to know, about types of breeder;

[6] The Puppy Mill:

This a poor excuse of a breeder who produces puppies hand over fist with no breeding program, little attention to puppy placement, and poor health and socialization practices. A puppy mill may or may not be dirty but it is usually overcrowded and the dogs may be neglected or abused because the breeder can't properly handle as many dogs as he has. Puppy mill operators often denigrate hobby breeders and their dogs in attempts to make a sale.

Maybe he forgot to update the site and include himself in that category or give the reader some first hand quotes about how to mistreat animals professionally!

Not only is Sterling breeding in very poor conditions (cramped cages, no exercise, no water or food regularly available etc) but he is continually breeding at an excessive rate, so much so that many puppies fail to reach the standard of the breed. These he says he will give away for free but the effect of the growing numbers is a drain on his limited resources (manpower & finance).

Currently he has in excess of 40 puppies and possibly over 80 adults at his factory near Night Safari, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Now anyone with a little common sense will recognize a resource issue here. If you are breeding dogs to sell, then puppies represent the product item & the adults are the overhead.

This situation is clearly out of control and the demand on Sterling's time and money is draining his resources to the detriment of the poor creatures he says he loves.