Police are on the case

Thankfully some people are taking complaints about Sterling seriously. At last the Police and Immigration authorities are investigating him and he faces charges of operating without a business license in Thailand & cruelty to animals amongst other possible charges.

Thai National news papers reported the investigation, as have Television.

The main detail in this piece of news print is that a Thai Animal Rights group have reported the matter to police in Chiang Mai and they are liaising with Immigration who now know Sterling is operating illegally and demand that he become legal or get out of Thailand!

Now this is rather interesting, as the same scenario occurred in the USA a while back, when he needed to run away from Washington DC & New Jersey where he faced charges of cruelty & neglect to animals there too!!

This menace to humanity & the helpless creatures in captivity within his puppy factory, is likely to just run away again and start a new operation somewhere else, as he is greedy for the possibility of money the trade of dealing in puppies generates.