Responsible Breeder ??

This photo was provided by the woman in the US and at this time she states she is undecided about pairing them. She also clearly states she has not experienced any difficulties when dealing with Sterling.

The black and tan marked TRD (standing beside the bench) came from one of Sterlings litters; he sold this un acceptable colored TRD to a woman in the US (dogs name is Nikita) he then just recently (this past summer) sent her a male dog, Samson, so that she could (if she so decided) breed the two together!

Here are some more photo's of Nikita.

How is that supposed to fit with Sterlings claims that he is a responsible breeder and careful about the breed.

Oh... nearly forgot, the woman in the US asked me to represent fairly by showing both sides of the story.

Well lets see, how many dogs has Sterling bred? 100.. 200.. 300.. 400.. + 500.. ??

Shall we start a poll?

How many of those had their chance to air their views, emotions & experiences?? Papa didn't represent them did he!