Jack Sterling Puppy Miller - Cruel to The Bone

And another email from someone who seems to know Jack Sterling very well.

    Congratulations Jack. Another dog from lovely hot Thailand sold to a very cold country.

    Your old article written when you were still in America says words to the effect that you are hunkered down just trying to keep yourself and your dogs warm. It really is not fair.

    It's very bad what you will do for money. That reminds me, you're doing quite well these days selling so many dogs. I think the USA tax man will be very pleased to get his hands on all the back tax you owe him. Check out the legal situation here with the lawyer you owe money to. Ask him how you stand in the tax paying situation over in Thailand.

    Who is the Thai gent in the picture? He don't look so happy to be photographed with ol' redneck Jack. Is he the one who takes them through cargo at Thai air? I bet you don't get very close since you owe them all that dough.

    So. How many are in your run down rusty cages now? The old stock you never sold.What about them? They suffer life in prison year after year with no hope. They are the ones nobody ever see.The ones people try to put out of their mind when they are buying a puppy.

    You'll always be trash.

    Blogger, keep chasing him.