Sir Winston Begley

A terse letter from a blog reader

    Sterling has this fixation that the more famous people who correspond or speak to him the better he and his dogs must be.

    The Sir Elton John was a ridiculous claim, - and the outcome so predictable. This 4 seconds of 'fame' with the Clinton's was not worth the mention and now he is at it again.

    He does not credit his readers with very much intelligence when, just as he tries to rally round from the latest bashing, yet another titled gent gets a mention and this time writes in to defend Jack's set- up.

    Forgive me, Sir Winston Begley, if I have made a mistake but I can't seem to find you listed in the appropriate registers.

    I can't help but wonder if you are one and the same family who could no longer care for their Ridgeback and Jack agreed to take it back. No shame on you at all and every credit to Jack, for once, in keeping the dog all this time at his own expense. But you should hear his moaning and complaining about it. I have heard him more than once call you a name which puts some doubt on the virtue of your mother and father. I am sure that, had you known how the poor dog would live out its days in stressful boredom in a cramped cage, you would have thought twice about leaving it behind with the breeder.

    Yours ,
    a true dog lover.