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This taken from Dogs on Holiday-UK Journal

Posted by Jack Sterling:
I was born in 1947.. and had my very one dog at 7 in 1955.. I started breeding dosg as my father and his father and his father did since the 1800's. I bred dogs in Germany, London, the USA and now here in northern Thailand. I discovered the Thai Ridgeback Dog in 1994 here in Thailand. I traveled through 32 states between 1995 and 2000 showing off the beauty of the TRD. Now I reside with all my TRD in ChiangMai Thailand. I was in the pet supply business for over 25 years and have always been self employed. I sold all kinds of dogs foods and have read all sorts of stories about the first dog food companies. James Spratt an American living in London was the first creator of what we called "kibble" dog food today way back in the 1860's..It was done for all the English dogs that were used in the "hunts" that was popular back then. Then later in the 1940's after WWII the bag food processed foods became the norm all across the world.. I prefer the old way of feed the dogs.. the BONE DIET..Raw foods and yes.. less vacines and less processed foods the better. also one day a week to "fast" them at least one to two days a week.. Wild dogs do not eat everyday..only when they are hungry..In today world all over the world we all tend to over feed out animals as well as ourselves. :) BE HAPPY and give your dog a big hug daily.. My oldest TRD is SAKORN who is now 13 years young.. see them all at www.ThaiDog.com
02/8/2006 @ 13:04:43

Poor dogs, no wonder they look and behave so sub standard. The ones that get away are the lucky ones!

Think about the 90+ he has there right now. This statement made 4 April 2008 on Dogster.