Jack Sterling Chiang Mai Puppy Mill - Pleading

Here is sensitive style letter in comparison to the typical from Sterling on his one man one voice forum.

Bua Bua and many others are still available and all need good homes..

Last September, I asked a few local people to help me place several dogs......

What a mistake that was..
Instead of helping me find new homes for all these "leftover" TRD, these "vipers" just went all out and attacked me in every possible way.. From slandering me in a phony newspaper story to filing a false police report telling the local police I had been abusive to a dying pup which was just totally false and that I would kill my pups by drowning them, gassing them, hanging them and freezing them, just to be rid of the ones I did not want.

This was all just totally insane.

All of this was made of stories that were created to discredit me in the eyes of all who had any interest in buyong a TRD from me.

All these people want is to see me fail in the TRD breed and try to prove I am a cruel and brutal man killing off any puppy or dog that suits me.

Now, I find all of this quite odd as almost a year later I am still feeding and caring for most of the same dogs while none of these so call rescue people have done a thing to help me at all. One Brit lady took two dogs and also gave two more FAWN TRD females that I had gave her to a local rescue group who finally gave them to some American chap, but refuses to tell me who and where my dogs have ended up. I just do not understand these people.

Why do they all attack me??

Only about 3-4 of these people have actually been to my home and none of them are saying anything about their visits. The people who do voice a opinion about my home have all been quite positive and have supported me with their own true stories. Those people who slander the most have never been here and have never even seen my kennel or met my TRD. I find them all quite strange.

I just do not get all the nasty, vicious, and dishonest behavior from all these people who do not even know me??

These cowards will not ID themselves and just hide behind their computers. I just will continue feeding all the dogs the best that I can and try to find as many homes as I can..

As for all of you people who continue to slander and lie about me.. try looking down deep into your hearts and ask yourselves why you are so filled with hate..

But I have been to your home, been to your dirty, crowded factory when you were not bothered to care as you should. How would I know the truth about you otherwise?

To name myself here would be suicide. Your previous record for shaking a hand and ripping off the arm is well recorded and to think that you are on my doorstep fills me with horror as you would not want to let a simple discussion rest at that.

Jack Sterling, you need to admit that what has been written within this blog is basically true. You might not agree with the way it's worded but you need to reflect on your own views of what constitutes a puppy miller.

You are a nasty, mean, tough, loud and arrogant guy and were someone to meet you face to face and even intimate that you are actually all this blog has said, without a doubt, you would show your colors and that would set the outcome.