And there is Mary trying to help him up

Despite taking dogs from Jack before and of course answering the intense questionnaire that Jack will repeatedly press on previous occasions, Mary is helping the wizzo out of the mess he is in by answering yet more questions.

Take a look at this wonderful testimonial on his ATRA fourm. You can almost believe it was made without any pressure.

"Thanks again for STERLING's MAI NIKITA and we look forward to receiving my newest STERLING TRD a FAWN male we will call "SAMSON" despite the silly claims that "Jack Sterling is a Puppy Mill Breeder" that are posted by jealous people on some silly discussion boards."

We all wait with baited breath for Mary to receive her delivery of SAMSON from Jack. No doubt we will endure the Q&A session with even more panto.

Maybe by then the wizzo will have grown his hair & his strength returned?

But then you read on through the invaluable source of entertainment at ATRA & realise that Jack is regurgitating old posts and republishing them.