Missed you Jack!

So sorry but some folks just have to take a holiday now and then.

I must say I really enjoyed myself, relaxing under palms, watching coral seas gentle ebb & flow under a pure blue sky. The night's weren't that bad either, it's amazing how many stars you see when eating fresh seafood and sipping on iced water under the beautiful moonlit cloak of night nearer the equator.

Anyway, back to the present and poor old Jack is still in struggle mode, trying to convince the world he is squeaky clean and all his history is a pack of lies thrown together by a bunch of dumb wits that have never really met him or talked with him.

How sad you must be feeling Jack, under the smog of hot, hot, hot Chiang Mai, realising that your past cannot just be wiped away and it's here to haunt you for life.

Didn't receive the invite to the wedding party Jack, when is the big day? Sure as heck that woman will set you straight. Best thing you will ever do, marrying a Thai woman and her family, along with all the cultural activity that you will be so pleased to follow and enjoy.

You will of course embrace her whole family won't you Jack? Oh, and what about the silly stuff like who has rights to what and what should happen if you just 'pop off'?

Anyway Jack, Sawasdee Pii Mai and lets hope you enjoy your last days in Chiang Mai.