Jack Sterling must leave Chiang Mai - Update

In case you have come to this party late, here is a review & summary of why this blog exists.

Firstly, Jack Sterling runs a puppy factory in Chiang Mai Thailand where currently there are in excess of 100 dogs including over 40 puppies ( more on the way )that Sterling feeds irregularly, keeps in poor, cramped & confined conditions and the results are that the dogs are institutionalized.

When Jack does business with people, if they disagree or question his practices, they get an ear bashing from "Papa Jack" that appears to continue until the buyer submits and hides away from the world for fear that Jack will hound them down and hassle them again.

Hassle... Communication with Jack is typically by phone, email, forum post, skype, messenger(s) etc etc. So after building a rapport between prospective buyer and Papa, when things turn sour, the community you belonged to before starting the conversation with him gets to see all the dirty washing and Jack ends up throwing his toys out of his pram.

If people think they can deal with that & move on... he will hang on like a Jack Russell and force you to move away from that public community area of the net and hide away from personal attacks. Jack likes to build his image across an open community, asking every one who buys his pups to praise & applaud him and therefore provide credibility to his factory operation. He then fights tooth & nail to hang on to that public face and insult & ridicule anyone who disagrees with his point of view.

In fact Jack is a BULLY. At schools throughout the world bully's are exposed and victims protected.

Unfortunately due to Jack's overpowering personality and persuasive attitude, Jack typically gets the last word as he writes a lot and shouts about what he writes too.

So folks, the purpose of this blog is to expose the poor practices of Jack Sterling and give the opportunity to those who have been hounded & suppressed by him to air their views and opinions without fear that Jack will squash them or humiliate them further.