So many "Mad & Bad" people

Since posting the heading quote of this blog "Mad, bad & dangerous to know" the mail box has been bombarded with emails from people highlighting the quotation is incorrectly attributed to Oscar Wilde.

One emailer had the following to say:
"Mad bad & dangerous to know" was indeed said(or rather, written)by Lady Caroline Lamb.

But certainly not of Oscar Wilde.

She had been dead some 36 years before Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde was born.

The quote applies to George Gorden Byron, 6th Baron Byron of Rochdale,
later to become George Gordon Noel Byron, Lord Byron.

The tempestuous affair between them is always referred to as Lord Byron and Lady Caroline


Byron did not take the title Lord until 1822, almost 10 years after his relationship with Caroline!

So would you please change the heading on the blog.........................

And another pointed out a wonderful read here ...