Bully in the public domain

This post from Sterling was received by the writer of the previous item, making her terrible experience public.

Echoes from public forums ? Thats the difference about this blog.It is not controlled by Jack Sterling and moderated by him to read in his favor. This blog is letting people speak what they have wanted to say but have been pressured to withhold. Once he knows how to contact you (skype, msn,yahoo,email,mobile,land line... the list goes on..oh my my, a personal visit)he will bully you into submission to retract your words, desperate to improve his credibility.

This one seems quite mild in comparison to others but all the same, heartless.

Oh by the way, does it occur to you that Jack has a problem communicating with women?


YOU are a KILLER of SMOKEYand you know it.. so cover it all up with you sick message board lies.. Shame on you liar..you attack me?? for what.. You do not like the female SATIN.. you sure have bred her enough times to that same mutt you call your stud..

I never bred either dog.. that was the way i got them from the two breeders.. think you can do better come buy your own next time .. what s sicko you turned out to be .. loser..