Jack's had his wallet out again!

Another wonderful heartfelt post on the 1 man, 1 author, talk to yourself forum.

Sawadee Ka Khun Jack

I search internet to see about your story. There are many persons blame you wrongly. They say that you are bad to dogs and you don't love dogs. I am sorry to read such lies about you my good friend, Jack, we trust you. We know you are good person and that you love your dogs. We can see that when we visit your home. I believe you don't kill any dog or puppys . I know by my own feeling by myself that you are nice and kind man. Don't worry about these bad speaking people. If I can help you in any way I try to do it, I will tell everyone you are good man. The truth is the truth and that bad site is not the truth.

Take care yourself Khun Jack
Your real true Thai friends
Khun Dum Wiwan

Jack really does need to show a positive side to his factory operation as the world already knows there is so much damning evidence against him.