"The House Sakorn Built"

What does the wizard actually mean when he says "Built" ?

Does he mean a breeding line on the strength of a quality show dog ?


more realistically, does he mean constructed?

This property ( the one shown on his site showing lots of lovely brick and timber with green canopy and fencing ) is a rental property which was an attractive house with a good sized garden in a quiet location.

Now it has high fences all around the perimeter, Jack has turned 'the house that Sakorn built' into a run-down stinking ghetto where it's hard to tell where the house ends and the kennel begins.

To make local residence more angry, he has added internal extra privacy 2 meter high fencing so even visitors to the house cannot see within the factory.

Nobody gets to see the back of the property because he doesn't want any 'snoopers' or' trash-talkers' looking around. All puppies on offer are brought into the front yard. But behind the gates and internal fences is where the horror story unfolds.I bet poor old Sakorn is turning in his grave - but then he's seen Pappa Jack at his worst many times.

Dog droppings lie there for days at a time, water buckets are green and empty, dogs in need of food and attention just don't get it. Why? Daddy Darling is on his websites 'talking' a load of rubbish and trying to defend the indefensible, - himself.

And now his landlord wants him out. How come? Why is everyone so mean to Jack, or is it all in his imagination again?