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I will bet with the best...This is a PITAK puppy and it came from Jim Albright of TRD ONLINE...

You all attack me and blame me for that RED TRD in SoCAl and for others... I never BRED REEDS or sold any REDS untill 2002 to Linda..and again in 2003... No one seems to think that Peter Checkley and Dan Langeley are still pumping BLUE and RED TRD out of Chantaburi.. That Noi is nothingmore than a puppy broker for her CTC buddy breeders.. I spokewith PITAK yesterday.. He will be 36 on my birthday Monday Feb. 12th.. we are like father and son..

This is one of whay his TRD look like.. I bet these people are loopends.. and only ONCE will i agree with trailer-trash Ann Cardon about these owners dumping the dog is a shelter.. It pisses me off as well.. This bitch is only PET QIALITY.

Her tail is not "HUNG DAB".. straight in the the air like a sword.. She will develope skin problems on her elbows and ankles for sure i time... they all do the BLUES from that area of Thailand that Jim would buy inn.

I heard that he has stopped due to the fact he has cancer so he told Dave Jennings of West Coast TRD. I heard it from Chad Haney that Jim told that to dave when dave was looking for a different bloodline... But as always no onr realizes the Thai are less than honest and any of you who think you are friends with any one here you are all misled..

Serge is Chinese National and no one i know in Thailand in this breed like him.. Noi si Thai and she is not to be trusted as Pitak has told me many times.. but they all still say hello to each other and all will turn upon TRD day that Noi has pushed for in March.. I have several buyers in bangkok who will go.. i just can't make that sort of time caring for all my TRD.. I am 10 hour drive both ways from that area and the cost to fly and then taxi there is so much to make it not worth my time. I have several friends in the Thai police who like my BLACK TRD male RAY RAY and they will be there..

Good Luck with that BLUE female.. I no BLUES to give away but I have lots of BLACKS and FAWNS for FREE..

The BLACK get eaten here and I need to sere them out of Thailand and the FAWNS are not chosen as a side tray at the local dog eatting restarants.. The Police do nothing about them either.. There are several American and Euro women living here like you will LOVE all breeds and do Thai Dog (of all shapes and sizes of mutts) rescue as well..

You and you NOT seeing the real facts as usual take stories and create more BS.. You better come here and see for yourself..the REAL truth about the breed and the people here who do what they do...You would be amazed!!

ATB. Jack Sterling

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