Emails to this blog about Jack Sterling

I can tell you when I was in Sylmar, CA in 2002 (September 10th) for ten days, the horrible conditions the dogs were in.

At that time he only had seven adults and a litter of puppies on the ground. There was no carpet, only a concrete floor, where he had ripped up the carpet, but didn't scrape the glue from the floors... there was dirt and dust everywhere. He blamed me for a parvo outbreak at his home while he was away in Thailand.... getting more dogs for people.... blues... because his litter was red and black. He was supposed to pay for my kennel services, but didn't... so I took two pups as payment, both are parvo survivors. Had he been a "real" breeder and told me what the temperament of the breed was really like, I doubt that I would be in the breed today. I had rescued a TRD in 2000; he is my saving grace.... he came from a kill shelter... but he's not like the "typical" TRD. He's great w/other dogs, kids, and not a jealous bone in his body (unlike the majority of the breed).

I think the reason I stuck w/the breed is because they needed my help, and the help of so many people who are now trying to get this man out of the breed, get the dogs taken away from him, so he can do no further damage to the breed.

The breed in the right hands is a wonderful breed, but they shouldn't be sold and bred like rabbits; because they're not for everyone. Anyone who has more than two litters a year is a puppy mill.

He fled to Thailand in 2003 because I had finally had enough of the way he treated his dogs; he had threatend to kill me; made my life a living hell... but I couldn't get the look of the dogs eyes out of my mind; when due to his own mistake a dog fight happened at his home in Sylmar, CA.... I helped him break up the fight, he then took a very large dog bone (cows femur) and proceeded to open crate doors and knock every TRD on the head wether they had been in the fight or not. I was scared for my own safety, that is why it took several months for me to pass my information along to the ASPCA in Los Angeles, CA. It wasn't long after that, that he picked up and moved all of his dogs in Thialand.

I knew the moment I got back from CA and broke the news to a couple who drove down from the north to pick up one of the puppies I brought back for them, that the pup had a Dermoid in the tail... something he "said he told them," but I knew he didn't. I had been in the dog show arena for several years and refused to want to be associated w/him and his scheming practices.

I parted ways and tried to warn others of his practices... unfortunately, there are many like him... who breed dogs for profit, those are his cronies... Jeanette Barnes-Huseman (Sabine Hunter TRDs); Chad Haney (West Coast Trds) and many more.. but they have seen his place first hand; and still decided to breed....