Jack Sterling says he does not trust Thai people

Speaking from his heart, Jack really opens up here, says what he really thinks.

In a message dated 9/5/2006 2:41:58 AM Eastern Standard Time, houseofsakorn@yahoo.com writes:

Serge is the one who started his WARv of words with me.. to me and in my bias
opinion he is a total jerk..

Again.. it is a opinion on a guy who was too much a asshole to speak to me and
only spoke badly when he did to others.. He NEVER helped me and was nice to
me as he was to you.. just the opposite.. So, when you say do not speak badly of
him.. for you he is a okay guy I guess but for me he is a total jerk..

James is a okay guy to me and I believe he was mislead by others.. and again
he has never met me either..

All the other trash talkers do it because that is the way they are in dogs.. I want to
fight back with words but as you may notice I delete all my negative crap as it
make me look as bad as people like Donna..

Now, I do not know her but I can see she is a troublemaker.. I get emails from
Helmut, Nadine, Susanne, and many other who cannot understand teh HATE that
goes on at the site serge started..

Noi stiffed me on a FAWN female and when you come you will see the truth... She
is very two-faced as we say in American-English... Same as Katie Fortenbacher..
She went through Noi to tell me he was going to slander me because her pet
quality TRD was no good... I am blown away by her BS and told her I will replace
that $1000 dog with another dog.. she flatly refused and depanded money back..
In over 150 buyers... only she was the nastiest.

Cathy Combs is not ther person you may think she is.. She is also very two-
faced.. She spits out crap about me be a US ARMY deserter and a child
molester, and that I am running from the law... her stories of slander is all about
one thing.. I SCORNED her in 2002 after I returned with 3 BLUE puppies and my
Thai girl friend Chabaphai.
Those three BLUES went to a LA fireman who was in teh US ARMY as well in the
reserves and he was called up in the spring of 2003 to fight in Iraq.. He gave his
BLUE pup to his family...The other BLUE pup was sent with Cathy to Ohio for Val
Kapp to pick up.. Her husband did this and he reported to me what a nasty
B.I.T.C.H. Cathy was and then the friendship of Valery and Cathy was destroyed
forever once they realized Cathy ripped her off in the shipping of that BLUE pup
called DUKE.. (By the way, DUKE lives with Jeanette Husman now..) The thred
BLUE pup was to be my replacement for my old man SAKORN #1 (who is now 13
years old). I wanted to get back in the breeding of all the colors with my Thai
girlfriends help..I was going to move back to do the TRD in ChiangMai... This was
planned in 1995.. and I was going to try to do it by 2000... well things do not always
go as planned.. I spent the next 5 years traveling the USA and then in 2000 I went
back to ChiangMai to see my beloved Chabaphai... Well, not all stories go
according to plan.. NEVER TRUST ANYONE THAI... is what I was told by many
English guys in 1994...and 1995..I did not listen to them and thought I was in love
with this woman who was playing me for a sucker since day one.. When she
asked me how much money I could get from my parents when they died was
the "straw that broke the camels back".... another American saying about
it was the "last straw"... the one thing that made me realize she was playing
me...within 8 months of my return to Thailand she was demanding to pay all her
bills and debts that she got herself into.. Over $75,000...

of course, I realized what a con most Thai people were by then.. Every TRD Thai
dog breeder tried to "burn" over papers and the quality of the dogs they were
selling..I was raised by good and honest "blue collar" workers in Minnesota in
1940's and 50's.. By 1965, I was on my own after joining the US ARMY..breeding
a litter of GSD in Germany while in the service was my first encounter in the dog
breeding game..Later after my active military
service was over.. I got jobs working as a roadie with top name rock bands of
that era.. I lived in London for almost 10 years.. my 37 year old daughter lives in
London now.. I was introduced to the PHARAOH HOUND in 1969 and fell in love
with this sort of dog over the GSD..(too much hair..) I moved back to America to
do business and make money selling jewelery.. I did that for the next 10 yera and
only watched my 2 PH grow old and die in 1981 and 1994.. Then the Mexican
girlfriend convinced me to get a Chinese SharPei in 1984. I stuck with this breed
for 8 years.. until I saw my first grey colored Mah Lung Ahn at the Rose Hotel in
Krung Tep. (Bangkok)
That is whe I renamed then the TRD...and did a huge promotion at all the rare
breed dog shows in America in 1994. No one did what I did and I did it so i could
go back to my "love" in ChiangMai... HA! what a sucker I was!

Chabphai was the one who had the big phone fight with Serge in 2003 and told
me he was a very bad guy. Pitak said he was no good and so did Poo of 101
Thai Ridgebacks as well.. Khun Lek who does the magazine said the same
about him.. It seems a lot of Thai do not like that guy..het many of them do not like
me either because I flatly tell teh truth and tell everyone to go "F" themselves.. I
really do not like the way the Thai are so two faced as well.. You can never trust a
Thai to do the right thing as they all run from a accident or a fight.. i have seen it
happen so many times..

WE ... the falongs have no rights here at all.. there are two ways and two prices..
the THAI price and way and then the FALONG price and way. both totally
different..You really need to live here to see it and feel it.. Being a guest of
Serge... you would never see that in him or in the Thai.. You really need to see it
as a outsider and not as a TRD breeder.. Serge calls this place a "hole" and
why?? only he knows.. ChiangMai is the place all the people who live in Bangkok
have a second home in..Everyone loves ChiangMai...

Oh, By the way.. Khun Jitti is a Thai Bangkaew breeder.. not a single TRD in his
life..I believe you about Donna.
I do believe she is a HUGE problem and is so incredibly stupid.. She is going to
BREED her SAKORN grandaughter to a mutt looking dog she got from Khun
Noi???and her dog has a real bad DSC..Thai bitch should be
fixed..PERIOD..Why is she so freekin stupid???

Ask any real TRD breeder in Thailand about Khun Noi and they will laugh... and
laugh hard..

Like you said in you last posting about MING contacting you in private..what is
wrong with that??? Then Donna asks you what she did.. NO.. NEVER TRUST a

Again I am truly sorry for calling you bad names.. it was wrong of me..

I have lots of knowledge of this breed... and I will share it in my new books..

But none of the negative BS will very be written.. Only the good things..

By the way.. 34 dogs in the German TRD day???

I have a 62 THAI DOG DAY EVERY DAY... 59 TRD and 3 TBD....

All the very best.. Papa Jack