Poetic scripts from Jack

HA HA HA!! That is real funny! YOU AMERICANS??? NASTY TO OTHERS!!! Like try to understand.. over 270,000 people from all 200 countries in the world plus native born AMERICANS currently live in AMERICA.. No matter where you are born.. your mentors in life teach you what they do from tieing a shoe to believing in various beliefs about religion to making money... do not confuse them both and then you grow up thinking all this is cool or that is not cool..The USSR was a total failure from day one and the entire world watch that happen on TV.. Why kill so many people in such a brutal way as your forefathers did.. (Of course, I am not so stupid to think you had any part of your past or do you really care about your country's colorful (in red) history..)

Say something that most uneducated people from any country could understand and WOW... They all take it the wrong way or want to attack.. I find all rather strange coming from a Swedish woman, a Chinese guy, a Puerto Rican guy, an old 70+ misfit old bitty in Las Vegas who does not even have own a TRD, a English dame with the last name of Mohammed. I have never met any of them same as you... but it seems as if reading my website give everyone the rare encounter of actually know me in person..

Peter Checkley??? One of the biggest crooks I have ever met in person.. want old emails from Aussie Dave who was ripped off bad by Peter Checkley.. if not him then who english guy??? I met a lot of people from the old days in TRD.. You, me, and all WHITE people get treated all teh same from the Thai.. NEVER TRUST a THAI...

My TRD are raise to be lovers and if not.. I will not say.. maybe I should bump a few off.. but I fix them and hope to find homes for them.

Thai Bangkaew Dogs... I call them TBD and now everyone does.. same is it was me to call them TRD and print it in everything I could. TBD.. can be very nasty and also very loving and friendly.. Lots of handling...

t get a RUSSIAN BIRD??? Forget the TBD.. It will do the same as a TRD.. You are just asking for a heartache. Why bother yourself and also endanger your BLUE.. You will not get a TBD or a TRD sent to you in Russia now. Thai Air cargo just enforecd a embargo on all dogs out of Thailand..no more..go figure??

I am not nasty to these people only reporting the news to my ATRA friends and friends of the THAI DOG FAMILY.

Those "others" are not associated with me or our 3 groups..I am actuall sadden by these sorts.. we call them scum from where I hail in America.. Now I reside in Thailand about 3 more years.. then I do not know..

Please heed my words..I have 5 TBD and 53 TRD.... I know these breeds.. only them and no others...

God Bless..if you believe in the big guy.. Papa Jack

PS very sexy name... I wished I have all my dog in the southern most part of the Ukranine.. WOW I met some Russian girls in America from there... they made me want to go there.. But I went to Italy and got what I needed for a few years.. Doing what I am doing is a solo adventure.. i have never met any other woman who could handle over 50+ dogs and cook as well.. besides be a beautiful person from within as well as from outside.