Silence is golden

News just in from another local resident who is currently enjoying the silence.

Fabulous bit of snooping there EPW, we all look forward to the update you can give us about his empty handed en devours out of food supply stores.

By the way, is ideal for hosting that video footage, if you need help uploading, let us know.

'Silence is golden' they say.

When Farmer Jack is quiet it's serious. No childish jokes on ATRA and no exciting tales of grass cutting. Even the shouting around the mill is less these days. We haven't seen him out much recently and so we've been putting in a few extra hours on surveillance lately.

We didn't have to wait long before he was at his local pet store. He was looking old, fatter than ever and tired. Strange to find him there because he's always buying the dog' food', if you can call it that, elsewhere. We know he's in the local cash and carry buying their cheapest kibble so that he can go to Duke's Steakhouse for a ribs or steak dinner.

We know exactly what he feeds is really so low grade that even the hard-up rescue groups refuse to buy it.

We see him at night taking away the empty blue and white bags and dumping them well away from his house. Illegal here, so who shall we tell ? Who shall we show the video footage to?

So why was he in the pet store? He was not in long and came out empty handed. He looked in a bad mood and stomped back to his hill billy truck. Looks like he didn't get the result he'd hoped for. This must go unanswered for now but keep an eye on the blog for further revelations because we always find out what he's up to in the end....


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