Giving us a laugh on a dreary day

Jack, Jack, Jack!

Thanks for giving us all such a good laugh on a very dull day. You really have brightened things up for us.

Always something new from you, 'wife', 'shows' and even writing a book now. Good try. The email we received and posted recently mentioned that you never go to shows but suddenly you do. Strange nobody sees you there! Once seen never forgotten.

The wife, does she know she's your wife? We think it's another giant leap for Jack-kind into the family life mode. It's another Thai lady! How come this one will be different? You loose your temper and say such bad things about the Thai people but very quickly another local 'lady' moves in.Sadly, once they leave they chatter all around the place about you. They tell what they've seen and heard at your place. It's all believable, unfortunately for you. Perhaps this one will be different from all the rest and you'll be happy ever after. I really doubt it. Never was a great success for you was it? You can't sustain a normal relationship for any length of time, and it's always the womens fault.

Anyway, it really doesn't matter but with such a vivid imagination we can't wait for your book to be published ! We really think it will be a best seller and make millions for you, - NOT !

Still trying to get rid of the old stock? Still breeding more and more 3rd rate dogs ? Had many takers? NOT !

Anyway, that's all from us except to say that we noticed a slight error in one of your last thrilling ATRA postings. It is not a case of one man or woman against you in Chiang Mai. We are 11 residents and almost as many part time residents. We love to read and hear all about you and watch you unseen as you try to keep up this shabby existence. Even here it is becoming more and more expensive to live. You must be having a hard time keeping pace with all the rising costs. Those dogs of yours will soon be skin and bone again.

Anyway that's all for now except to thank you for your open house invitation you recently posted. Thanks we'd love to come and pay you a visit.