More silence

I have just found out why Mr ' Miller' is keeping such a low profile.
His workers have gone !

'Early to bed, early to rise, Makes a man healthy, wealthy and
wise.... but not in Jack's case. It is killing him.

All his 'friends' at the market told one of us that he's 'Home Alone'
once more. The last 2 could not stand the shameful shouting and left.
They didn't last long.

Once more, we are grateful for our Thai friends at the market to keep
us up to date with the antics down on the farm.

The not so humorous side to this is that the poor dogs will get even
less attention and exercise than usual, not to mention little food and
poor quality at that. All those puppies living day in day out in their
cages, no socialization during the most important time of their lives.
What the lack of socialization means is that they are even harder to
rescue and re-home.

But then, as we've said before they are just
commodities to Jack the Miller.